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Cleaning and Maintaining Stainless Balustrade Steel

by | Aug 1, 2020 | Home Improvement

With the trend in architecture turning toward steel, glass, and concrete, it is no wonder so many homes now have stainless steel handrails. Handrails are needed in areas with staircases, while the guardrails are more useful for outdoor use. When you have these two things in your house, it is probably time to start cleaning them up. When you want these systems to last longer it is important to do some preventive maintenance. Below are some tips on how to proceed with the cleaning process.

 The Cleaning Process Schedule

Cleaning Stainless steel handrails in Sydney can be tough particularly if you have kids or pets in your home. Have someone to care for your kids or pets if possible, so that you can focus on the chore. It will save you from potential delays and slipping accidents, especially when you have kids and pets running around your household. If you have outside handrails, then you may want to check the weather forecast. The last thing anyone needs is to end up ready with the chore of cleaning but have to reschedule due to rain. 

Prepare the Required Materials

Unless you have fairly new stainless steel handrails, then you probably just need a microfiber cloth and vinegar. When you have an older handrail or guardrail and rust has started appearing, then you might need other materials. A foam brush, spray bottle, anti-rust agents, dishwashing liquid, and some clear coat paint along with the microfiber cloth will be required. Not only will the aforementioned materials help clean the surfaces but they will also help avoid and prevent rust. You may also consider bringing a few cotton rags to help clean away any liquids that might spill.

Get Your Gear in Order

Normal equipment may include gloves and a facemask so that the liquids used in the cleaning process are not inhaled. Also, you may want to include a hat and a stool especially if you clean outdoor stainless steel handrails. For your convenience, the additional equipment might be necessary particularly when you need to clean a long line of railings.

Clean Out

Moisten a microfiber cloth with some vinegar to clean off the entire surface for owners of rust-free stainless steel handrails. You may now add the clear coat paint as protection against fingerprint traces if you are already happy with the work. You may want to put the vinegar in the spray bottle for those with rust issues to spray the rusted areas and pull some of the rust out. Then clean certain areas with a foam brush to avoid corrosion. Then clean the surface with the microfiber cloth to keep it dry. To secure it, put other anti-rust agents in the areas where rust occurred. The clear coat paint can then be added as additional protection.

The said tips discussed above will help you clean your stainless steel handrails in Sydney. Some online tools and published works concentrate on this area and they can specifically help you get the job done more quickly.