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Choose The Right Lubricant For Your Machine

by | May 22, 2019 | Business

In the industrial zone, it becomes quite a tricky choice to find the right lubricant for the machine. Be it the design and purpose of the machine where lubrication is needed or picking from the variety of lubrication system – a lot of factors play pivotal roles. Various industrial companies do not encourage the use of an automatic lubrication system that is not adhering to the standards and regulations. Here are some ideas listed below that will certainly help you to choose the right.

Different Machines, Different Plants, Different Needs

The very first criteria for choosing a lubrication system is to certainly understand the technical requirements of the machines we are choosing lubricants for. The standard needs are, of course, minimizing the friction in the machine, protecting the device against premature wear, optimum protection against corrosion and also controlling heat dissipation.

However, the role of automatic lubricator GCC does not end here. Based on how the machines are being operated and the manufacturing process a particular plant follows, the lubricants may serve other purposes as well. So, the choice of lubricants ensures that everything in the plant runs smoothly.

What are the Different Types of Lubricants Used in Industrial Zones?

If you dig into the category for synthetic lubricants, you will find out that there are a few considered as the most common ones. Pastes, oil, were, bonded coating and grease – these are the common names you will hear. While the oil lubricant has 95% mineral oil and 5% additives, grease contain the mineral oils mixed with soap for that consistent for.

On the other hand, pastes are usually formulated with the use of mineral oil, solid lubricants along with additives. The wax used for lubrication contains water, synthetic hydrocarbons along with an emulsifying agent that makes the lubricant turning into fluid when the machine heats up and reaches a specific temperature.

Why is Synthetic Base Oil Lubricant the Most Preferred One?

If you go a bit deeper in the category, you will find synthetic base oil automatic lubrication system is the most popular choice for the machines operating in different industrial plants. The synthetic oil mainly consists of polyalphaolefins commonly known as PAO, which is nothing but artificially produced synthetic ester. The composition makes it different from that of petroleum oil. The purity level contributes to its viscosity index, colour, and oxidation stability.

The plants need their machines to be daily lubricated; they certainly don’t need a lubricant that lasts for a long time. They can only choose a lubricant based on its ability to meet the essential performance needs. So, using synthetic oil lubricant is just not needed here.

However, the machines that are lubricated for an extensive period require the use of synthetic base oil automatic lubricator GCC. The reason behind it is, of course, it has a lot of advantages in store.

  • The viscosity performance remains consistent in both low and high temperature.
  • Minimize the wear and friction at the highest level
  • Reduces evaporative loss
  • Improves machine efficiency
  • No oil-sludge problems


While selecting the automatic lubrication system, consider the axis operating speed of your machine, assess the type of friction, count the load as well as environmental conditions and of course, ensure that whether the component is meeting industry standard or not.