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Checklist For Picking The Most Comfortable Sofa

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Home Improvement

Purchasing a new Australian made sofa for your home is quite an important investment. The process can get quite confusing and overwhelming because there are many good sofa choices to select from. The sofa should provide great service for the intended period. Hence, you definitely want to purchase a sofa that will offer value for your money. Various essential aspects should be carefully considered while selecting the best sofas in Sydney. Below is a comprehensive guide on the aspects to consider before purchasing a sofa set for your home.


This is a fundamental factor to consider while buying Australian-made sofas. The particular budget will determine the sofa’s quality and type. It is important to note that the quality of the sofa increases with the price. Hence, the most expensive sofa is the best quality and vice versa. However, with the appropriate care and maintenance, a cheap sofa can serve for a long time. The price of the sofa will also determine the materials used to make it. For example, sofas made from indigenous hardwood are more expensive than those made from other materials. Therefore, while selecting the best sofas, it is essential to keep your budget in mind.

Structure and Materials

The structure of the sofa and materials used are essential aspects to consider before purchasing Australian made sofas. There are certain aspects of structure that influence the strength, durability, and quality of the sofa. These aspects include:

  • Support – There are three primary types of supports/springs used to make sofas. Sinuous springs are S-shaped and are made to course from the front to back. They consume less space than hand-tied springs. Web suspensions are commonly used to make low-cost sofas. The webbing is crossed and attached to the sofa to form a platform. Lastly, hand-tied springs are those connected and reinforced with twine. Hand-tied and sinuous support will guarantee the best support system for your sofa. 
  • Frame – The frame of a sofa significantly influences the quality of the sofa. The custom made sofas in Sydney are made with the best hardwood. Some examples of good hardwood include Teak, Birch, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, and Maple. Moreover, you should confirm that the frame is firmly joined with high-quality glues, screws, and dowels.
  • Cushions  The cushions of a sofa are fundamental aspects to consider while selecting the type of Australian made sofas for your home. This is because the cushions are quite significant components on a sofa. The most common types of cushions include feather/down wrapped, high-density foam, and coil cushions. 
  • Coil Cushions – These particular cushions closely resemble the high-density foam cushions. However, they have a hollow that is filled with single pocketed coils that are supposed to give the sofa cushions a firm, comfy and heavy feel. 
  • High-density foam – These are the most common and most cheap type of cushion set for sofas. This is because they are both durable and comfy. The cushion is exceptional because it restores itself after the weight is raised. Basically, high-density foam cushions should be at least 1.8lbs. 
  • Down and Feather Wrapped Cushions – This type of cushion set is the most expensive option. This is because it has a very luxurious and comfortable feel. Though, these cushions require frequent and professional maintenance. They are supposed to be frequently fluffed and rotated to inspect for wear and/or tear.

Hence, these are the three basic types of cushion sets used to make the best sofas in Sydney.


The particular function of the sofa is another fundamental aspect to consider before purchasing Australian made sofas. Some of the aspects that will influence the sofas function include;

Who – The people who will be using the sofa will determine the type of sofa to buy for the home. For instance, are there children or pets in the house? Moreover, what kind of materials will be around the sofa vicinity?

How – The manner in which the sofa will serve you is an important aspect to consider. For example, will you need it to entertain your guests, or will it be for resting at particular moments, etc.?

Size – The size of the sofa will be determined by two previous aspects and the space available for the sofa. It is also vital to measure and confirm that the sofa’s size will be compatible with the specific dimensions of the house.

Therefore, before purchasing the best sofas in Sydney, ensure that you carefully consider its functionality variations.


The particular style of your Australian made sofa in Sydney will be determined by your specific aesthetic preferences. It is essential to select a style that corresponds with the rest of the furniture aesthetics. Moreover, it is vital to look for a style that will make the vicinity look airy and comfortable. The style will be determined by the space available in the room. There are various common styles used to make two seater couches in Sydney. These include:

Pillow Back – The cushions of this style are removable and slack. They are slack and removable to enhance thorough cleaning, to fluff, and for rotating purposes.

Scattered Pillow Back – This particular style consists of numerous loose cushions that are dispersed all over the sofa’s back. In addition, the pillows of the sofa can be rotated, flipped, or removed. 

Semi-attached Back – This specific style resembles a pillow back. The only difference is that the cushions are sewed on the sofa hence cannot be rotated, flipped, or removed.

Tight Back Cushions – This style is quite exceptional because the sofa lacks slack cushions; hence there is nothing to be rotated or flipped.

Arms This is another fundamental aspect to consider while selecting the best sofas. This is because the arm style will determine if the sofa will be comfortable or not. There are several types of arm styles that you can select from. Moreover, a large comfortable sofa can be customized with your particular arm style preference.


The particular type of fabric used to make the best sofas is quite a fundamental aspect to consider. Basically, the colour of the fabric influences the sofa’s aesthetic qualities quite significantly. However, it is vital to select the fabric colour carefully considering the type of environment where it will be used and the people who will use it, i.e., durability and functionality. There are various common materials used to make fabrics. They include;

Synthetic Fabrics Synthetic fabrics are popular because they are simple to clean and maintain and are quite resistant to fading and staining.

Sunbrella – This is popularly referred to as outdoor fabric and is 100% acrylic. The material offers a lot of upholstery options and is a great choice for family sofas because it has incredible resistance to fade, stain, or water. 

Microfibers (micro-suede) / Polyester Blends – These materials have a reputation of being quite durable. They are resistant to stains and are quite easy to clean and maintain, thus making them appropriate for families.

Crypton – This material is quite parallel to Sunbrella. Crypton is repellent to stains and has an innate soil release mechanism that makes it simple to clean. However, Crypton is not resistant to fading; thus, it is not a good long-term investment

Natural Fabrics Natural fabrics are primarily extracted from plant materials. The most common natural fabrics are linen and cotton. 

Cotton – This is a sturdy and flexible material that is appropriate for making sofas. However, it is quite susceptible to fading, staining, stretching, or wrinkling.

Linen – Linen is quite resistant to fading and pilling. Moreover, it breathes efficiently and is appropriate for low traffic places because it is quite vulnerable to soil and wrinkles.

Leather (top grain) – Leather is the most reasonable and durable fabric material. However, it is quite pricey because it does not wear out. Hence, it is a perfect long-term investment that will serve for a long period.

Size and Layout

The size and layout of Australian made sofas is a crucial aspect to consider while selecting a good sofa. A mistake in the size or layout dimensions will be quite detrimental because the sofa might not be compatible with the available space. Hence, the foremost step before purchasing a sofa is to measure the space available and to select the suitable size of the sofa. There are various aspects that can be quite helpful while deciding on the size and layout for the best sofas in Sydney. These include: 

  • 3’ is the standard clearance space for major paths. 
  • 1’6” is the standard clearance space for minor paths.
  • 14” – 18” space between the armchair, coffee table, or front of the sofa should be spared.

Aesthetic Effects

The aesthetic qualities of Australian made sofas in Sydney will be influenced by all the other factors. Hence, for the sofa to be aesthetically exceptional, you should ensure that you have considered all the previous aspects carefully. A visually appealing and unique sofa will enhance the overall beauty of the room. In addition, it is essential to customize the aesthetics of the best sofas in Sydney to complement the other furniture in the room.


When you carefully consider these different aspects, then you will be able to select a good Australian made sofa that meets your expectations. Moreover, you will get a sofa that will add value to your home, thus making the home a safe haven. The best sofas in Sydney will also serve you for a long period, thus helping you to save essential funds.