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A few Things To Know About Air Conditioning In Cars

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Automotive

The first thing that you need to know about car air conditioning in Mascot is that the air conditioner in the cars work just like how it happens with the same devices in our homes as well as offices. In layman’s terms, the air conditioners used in cars are just smaller versions of what you use in your home and offices. Even as time has passed the air conditioning used in cars has got better. These days, you get the latest models in this regard. These devices are capable of providing cooling that is more comfortable for you and it cools a lot more as well! 

What are the different parts of these units?

If you ever take your car for auto repairs in Mascot it is very important that you get your air conditioning checked as well. The compressor happens to be the most important component of the air conditioners that we use in our cars. It is the compressor that acts as the central component – it emits hoses that contain high pressure as well as low pressure. After these hoses come out they get within the condenser and from there they get to the evaporator. These systems normally have two kinds of valves – expansion valves and dryer valves. 

Both these valves are necessary in order for your car air conditioning to function the right way. The expansion valves are supposed to regulate the internal temperature of the air being circulated in the car. It also controls the refrigerant flow within the system. Some anti-freezing agents such as condensed gases or coolants pass via these valves as well.

The mechanism of these systems 

It also needs to be said in this case that these air conditioning systems also differ significantly in terms of the mechanism from the same devices that we use in our homes. 

In the case of the car air conditioners, the heat within the vehicle gets taken out rather than cooling the air as it happens with the devices that we use in our homes. Your car air conditioning should always be an important part of your auto repairs. In the air conditioning systems used in the cars, a gas named Freon is used. It has a high temperature. At the time this gas passes through the compressor it gets mixed with the fresh air. This happens because of the mixing function of the pressure channels in such systems.     

In the case of the car air conditioning, the entire system becomes a liquid one and after that, it arrives at the dryer. The gas is purified by the chamber and then sent to the evaporator. This is done through the expansion valve. The heat in the car is then absorbed by the liquid gas. After that, a fan or blower is used in order to evaporate the gas. This phenomenon happens a number of times so that the environment can be cooler. 


In case there is any problem with the system you can always get in touch with a professional mechanic or garage.