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Canada PR Visa – Some Common Things to Know

by | May 16, 2019 | Business

Canada has a wide range of immigration programs and each of them has a different set of criteria. Even when the guidelines and the programs are stated clearly, many applications for Canada Permanent Residency gets rejected. Often these are due to the mistakes that the applicants make. This is where Canada PR visa consultants Mumbai comes in. These consultants make sure you are doing the right thing and that your application for Canada citizenship is approved. Here are some things you must know about applying for Canada PR visa.

No Gaps In The History

All the PR visa consultants in Mumbai will tell you that you should not leave any gaps in your history. The application for permanent residency needs from the applicant’s details of travel, personal, and educational history. There shouldn’t be any unexplained period of time in the application. Make sure you triple check all the details.

Don’t Ignore The Language

Most Canada permanent residency programs need proof of the fact that you are proficient in either English or French. You must submit the result of the tests that the authorities consider for approving your Canadian citizenship application. If your test scores are low, your application might get rejected.

Listing The Eligible Dependents

This is one important part of applying for Canada permanent residency. If you have no idea who to list the dependents, ask the Canada PR visa consultants in Mumbai. They will tell you who are the eligible dependents you can mention in the application. The eligible dependents are spouses, common-law partners, biological or legally adopted kids of the applicants.

Your Employment Letter Must Comply With The Requirements

For most immigration programs, you need to submit an employment letter for providing the work experience. This letter could be either from your current or from the previous employer, or both. Your reference letter must include the position you held in the organization, your working hours, the salary you drew and the working condition of the organization. It must also have a description of your duties. All these details must be printed on the company letterhead with the signature of the employer along with the address and contact information of the company. In case any of the above information is missing, it will not be considered as the proof of the work experience of the applicant. You can take the help of PR visa consultants in Mumbai to check if the letter meets the requirements of Canada permanent residency application.

Always Hire An Authorized Canada PR Visa Consultant in Mumbai

Many applicants hire consultants for making their work easier. However, there are many fraudsters who claim to be consultants. They take all your money but do nothing for your application. So, when you are hiring a PR visa consultant in Mumbai, always ask for their professional credentials. An authorized consultant must be registered with ICCRC.

These are a few things you must keep in mind while applying for a Canadian PR Visa. These points will help you in getting your application accepted and will save you a lot of time, effort and money.