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Can Aluminium Adjustable Louvers Make Your Home Energy-Efficient?

by | May 25, 2021 | Fencing, Home Improvement

Summary: The new trend of homeowners installing aluminium adjustable louvers in various regions of their homes is being driven by many factors – energy efficiency being the key factor.   

With the costs of electricity reaching new all-time highs every year in Australia, sustainability is a key feature that homeowners are looking to add to their properties. Given that the thermal performance of aluminium adjustable louvers is far superior to wooden or glass windows, these structures have become extremely popular with homeowners. Can installing adjustable louvers made of aluminium make your home more energy efficient? Let’s explore.

Understanding the Problem with Glass and Wooden Windows

The thermal performances of glass and wooden windows are extremely poor. Glass windows in particular offer no insulation qualities. During the winters, heat easily escapes from these structures. During summers, glass windows attract more heat. That’s why homeowners who own glass or wooden windows often have to over-rely on air conditioners or heaters. 

On the other hand, homes with aluminium adjustable louvers are far more reactive to weather changes. These shutters create barriers against hot and cold winds during summers and winters, respectively. Aluminium, being an extremely heat-resistant material, performs extremely well during such weather fluctuations. 

Using and Installing Louvres 

The use of wooden louvres in homes goes back over six hundred years. Modern-day aluminium adjustable louvers feature extremely sophisticated designs. Aluminium is extremely sturdy and flexible. So, aluminium louvers can be customized and fit inside various regions of the house. 

Aluminium Louvers as Shades 

If you have a lounge or a garage, don’t waste electricity by adding fans or air conditioning systems to these rooms. Instead, reduce your energy consumption levels with aluminium adjustable louvers. These louvers can be adjusted to create –   

  • Louvre shade screens
  • Window awnings 
  • Louvre shutters
  • Motorized louvre blinds

Motorized louvre blinds, in particular, are great at making rooms more energy-efficient. Although these structures offer maximum shading, they also automatically regulate the in and outflow of air from your homes or rooms. 

Consider the location and the orientation of your property before choosing one of these sun-shading options. Thankfully, aluminium adjustable louvers are extremely cost-effective. Reshaping or re-customizing them to create horizontal or vertical blinds is very easy and cost-effective. 

Aluminium Louvers as Ventilation Structures

Despite offering advantages like energy efficiency or resiliency against external weather-related factors, the one quality that makes aluminium adjustable louvers stand out is the natural ventilation these structures offer. These structures keep inside regions of the house well-shaded throughout the day. But, they also allow fresh air to come inside, irrespective of the weather conditions.

So, what if it’s extremely hot outside? There’s still a lot of fresh air outside that your rooms can benefit from! Wooden or glass windows temporarily block the entry of fresh air in their pursuit of protecting the interior regions of the house from heat. Adjustable louvers allow sea breezes to enter the room, reducing the need to spend excessive amounts on air conditioning during the summer. 

Aluminium Louvers as Privacy Features

Lastly, if homeowners need ultimate privacy without making themselves feel claustrophobic every night, they should get louvres that block out natural light but not natural air. 

These functional benefits that aluminium adjustable louvers offer make them the most energy-efficient home improvement product in the market!