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Calacatta Stone Benchtop – Introducing The New Option In Current World

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Home Improvement

If you are talking about a material, which is the epitome of luxury, class and elegance, then marble is the first thing that comes to your mind. It has been one of the most sought-after options when it comes to the benchtop, vanity tops and more. Now, the market houses over one form of marble stone. So, making the right choice among the lot can be tough. But, the calacatta stone benchtop has its own beauty, which is hard to overlook. It is one of the marble stones, suitable for enriching the look and beauty of any place. Not only for benchtops, but it can be used for manufacturing anything that marble is used for.

More about the marble:

Before you proceed further for the calacatta stone benchtop, you better learn a bit more about the marble first. This marble got its name from Tuscan city, where the people extracted this material first.

  • This Calacatta is the result of millions of years of volcanic activity. It helps the marble to form stunning grey and blue veining, which is not easy to see in any of the other options.
  • Then you have Marmama marble, originating from Turkey.
  • This form of marble is pretty rare when compared to the other options. That’s why the calacatta stone benchtop is not that cheap as well.
  • It is another important version of marble, but not as beautiful as the former one.
  • Calacatta marble is one example, which does not follow the tradition of naming after tradition. It is one of the three primary marbles extracted in Tuscany.
  • The slabs are even thicker when compared to the other marble types and with predominant patterns. Most of the time, these marbles will have brown hues, making the veining more prominent and stunning.

Why head towards this marble option:

It is true that this particular Calacatta marble is pretty rare, as mentioned already. So, it is pretty obvious that the benchtop made out of this marble will be a costly affair. Still, why do people head towards this calacatta stone benchtop option, even when the market has so many other alternatives available already? For that, let’s find out the advantages.

  • The best reason is because of the unique and beautiful appeal that this marble has.
  • There will be brown traces found in the pattern work with various hues of colours, starting from warm tones to cool hues as well.
  • In case, you are making plans to switch up your current décor from one time to another, this particular marble will complement the complete style of your interior.

Go for the types now:

There are multiple types of Calacatta marbles, which are used for designing calacatta stone benchtop. You better learn about those options first, to differentiate between pattern, veining and colour. Some of those options are Calacatta Oro, Gold, Calacatta Michelangelo, Extra, Borghini and more.

It might be a bit challenging to determine the right stone for your benchtop, but simple research can help you come up with the right choice.