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Book A Truck Driving Class Now To Get Your Truck Licence!

by | May 21, 2021 | Driving School, Education

Heavy truck licencing schools in Sydney are all RMS accredited. We offer effective truck driving lessons to help you upgrade your heavy vehicle driving skills in no time. We offer you a range of trucks that are automatic and manual. The trucks offered for training are the same that you’ll perhaps be expected to drive as a professional truck driver. To be eligible for truck licencing certain criteria needs to be fulfilled. 

Different Class of Trucks:

For truck licencing, you need to mention the class of heavy vehicles. There are 4 classes of trucks:

1. Light-Rigid(LR)Licence– This class of vehicles cover all trucks that have a GVM of more than 4.5 tonnes up to 8 tonnes maximum. Usually, a holder of an LR licence is permitted to drive Class C vehicles. 

2. Medium Rigid(MR) Licence- This class covers all vehicles which have a GVM of 8 tonnes and above. The axles shouldn’t be more than 2 and the trailers can weigh a maximum of up to 9 tonnes. A holder of this licence is allowed to drive LR and other lower-class vehicles. 

3. Heavy Rigid(HR) Licence- This covers heavy trucks with 3 or more axles. Trucks and towed trailers in this category can weigh more than 8 and 9 tonnes, respectively. HR truck licencing permits its holder to drive MR and other lower-class vehicles. 

4. Heavy Combination(HC) Licence- This covers heavy-duty combination vehicles that may weigh more than 9 tonnes. It comprises towing trailers, prime movers. HC licence holders can drive HR, MR and other lower-class vehicles. 

5. Multi-Combination(MC) Licence- This class covers vehicles of maximum GVM, above which isn’t allowed. It comprises driving road rangers or trains and B double vehicles. An MC holder is permitted to drive HC, HR, MR, LR and other lower-class vehicles. 

3 Steps to Acquire Truck Licencing: 

1. Clear RMS Test- To get a licence register for an RMS test. This is meant to test your knowledge. Once you pass the test, you can begin your training. 

2. Enroll for a Course- Having passed your RMS exam, you can begin your training with experts having years of experience in this field. Training is conducted on one basis with 6 to 8 hours of practice per day. 

3. Apply for Licence- Once you are confident about your driving skills and your training is complete, apply for a truck driving test. Once you clear it, your truck licencing is complete. 

So, whether you intend to get employed in the truck driving industry or simply require to brush up your skills, we provide the most effective driving courses. From instructions on safety measures, rules and regulations to transmissions, we provide you with an all-encompassing training programme. You can even acquire a licence in one day. Short courses are available at a cost-effective price. So, hurry up! Book a class today to get your truck licence.