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Best Ways For Your Pots And Pans Storage

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Home Improvement, Kitchen renovations

A collection of high-quality pots and pans in various sizes, as well as their lids, are essential in every kitchen and will encourage you to cook more frequently and explore new recipes. However, pans and pots storage poses certain difficulties. We’re talking about products of all shapes and sizes that can’t always be nestled one within the other, resulting in a lot of wasted space in your kitchen cabinets.

Here’s how to arrange your pots and pans so you always have your go-to kitchenware on hand while still being able to browse your kitchen cabinets with ease:

Keep just the pots and pans that you really use around the house:

Every home cook has a set of tools that they use virtually every day, as well as a number of others that are only used sometimes. Remove everything from your kitchen cupboards and categorise it by how frequently you use each item. Using sets of dishes saves space in your cabinets and makes loading the dishwasher a lot easier. This is one of the best tricks one should use for pots and pans storage.

Use the cupboard door from the inside:

Consider affixing a saucepan lid holder to the inside of the door if you’re short on shelf space. That way, your pot lids are always within reach when you need them, and they don’t take up any important shelf space.

Stack pots and pans above the burner for easy access:

Keep your most frequently used pots and pans above the stove, so they’re always within reach when you’re cooking. Install a basic pot rack behind the range or under the upper cabinets, making sure it’s strong enough to withstand the weight of your cookware. For pots and pans, storage hang pots, pans, and utensils where you’ll need them with hooks.

Sheet pans should be stored on their sides:

Instead of stacking flat things like baking sheets horizontally, you may save room by standing them up on their ends. Baking sheets and cutting boards may be filed in split rows by installing a pan organiser rack inside a cabinet. Outfit the sliver of space next to the stove with a thin pullout cabinet to store sheet pans for a customized solution.

Pots and pans can be hung on a pegboard:

A pegboard offers a totally customisable pot and pans storage solution. Install a pegboard on a wall and hang pots and pans by their handles using an array of hooks. Cutting boards, cooking utensils, kitchen scissors, measuring cups, and other objects may all benefit from this kitchen organisation concept.

Install a plant rack in the ceiling:

If you’re short on both wall space and cabinet storage, consider organising your pots and pans from the ceiling. Ceiling-mounted pot racks come in a number of sizes and are a wonderful option if you’ve run out of storage space elsewhere. Simply ensure that you can reach the hanging pans without using a stepping stool. If your ceilings are extremely high, try lengthening the chain on the fixture or mounting the pot rack to a beam instead. This is one of the best tricks one should use for pots and pans storage.