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Best Places near Mumbai To Enjoy Artificial Rock Climbing

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Travel

Rock climbing is an extreme sport that is very popular among adventure seeking enthusiasts. It is a risky sport and requires years of training since the terrain of mountains is very unpredictable and there is no guarantee even for an experienced climber to reach the top uninjured. 

A very close simulation of this extreme activity is available in the congested cities that we live in. This activity is known as artificial rock climbing. Some people use indoor artificial rock climbing walls to train for real climbing drills. But most people participate in the activity just to enjoy & experience the thrill of it. The adrenaline rush that flows through the body when you reach the top is often described as a feeling of great victory and achievement. 

These walls are usually constructed in theme parks for the purpose of rock climbing. The four sides of the wall are carved and rigged in different styles to make each side a different terrain for climbing. There is always a right-angled wall which is at 90 degrees with the ground. Another popular side design is the wave pattern where the wall is thick at the bottom and thin at the top making a wave shaped with the steps or holders.  

Places which provide Rock climbing activity near Mumbai-

You can find indoor artificial rock climbing walls in many multi-purpose gymnasiums. They are also available in theme parks and adventure parks in many hill stations near Mumbai. 

  • Arun Samant and the Poddar College Climbing gym – There are some places where the rock climbing trainers recommend themselves, in the regions of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane. The two most recommended in Mumbai for beginners are the Arun Samant climbing wall in Goregaon and the Poddar College Climbing gym which is based in Matunga.


  • Rock Aliens – Just a few kilometers out of Mumbai, in Pune there is Rock Aliens, a community of rock climbers who train and support each other to achieve their goals. They first provide boulder training with the right equipment and have personalized trainers with over 25 years of experience.


  • Della Adventure Park – Another great rock climbing place is based in Lonavala. This place is called Della Adventure Park. This place offers one of the best rock climbing walls within their premises. The climbing wall is considerably high which rewards the climbers with a breath-taking view when they reach the top. The climbers are provided with complete security equipment including Helmets, Harness, etc. A spotter is also present to support the harness and to instruct and cheer the climber to make to the top. They have four different sides with a different pattern on each one. The activity is controlled at all times and there are experienced climber present near the wall to help out anyone who is having difficulty in climbing. This particular activity is considered so safe that even little children are allowed to participate and enjoy here.