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Benefits of Tandem Trailers

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Home Improvement

Tandem trailers are trailers meant to carry heavy loads. Without their enormous load-bearing abilities, transporting products from one place to another in Australia or anywhere else would’ve been a burdensome task. They come with a set of wheels and a dual axle. The extra wheels are responsible for supporting heavier loads. 

The word tandem itself means ‘dual’ and their axles are placed closed to each other to give a larger surface area to distribute the actual load. Thus, it is capable of supporting twice more than a single axle trailer can. Life with this trailer at your disposal is much easier than you can ever imagine. 

Benefits of tandem trailers

  • Has superior suspension ability
  • On being loaded to the brim, the tandem trailer is highly unlikely to bounce or sway.
  • Most reliable and safe option when travelling with goods. They can carry heavy loads across highways and through places with rough terrain. Their double axle makes them stable and then can carry more weight, even on higher altitudes.
  • Can easily carry the bulky load and even provide extra stability because of their dual axle. Extra balance helps in safer highway speed

Tandem trailers need proper brakes. Brakes increase protection during the course of carrying the load. They can either be the standard override brakes or electric brakes. Getting brakes for your trailer will give you superb control of the vehicle and make transportation much easier and safer.

Where are the trailers used?

Tandem trailers can be used in numerous places. What is particularly important is that it can be customised as per your needs. It can be designed for medium to heavy-duty load. Even extra features can be added like the tipper mechanism, fitting slide under ramps, fitting a detachable bolt on the cage, toolboxes, and much more. All of these greatly enhance its functionality.

  • These trailers are ideal for farm use. Farms require them to carry fodder and harvest to and from one farm premises to another and also transport it within the farm. You can load the fodder in one of these trailers and the fertilizer can be loaded in another. The driver can drop off the fertilizer at the fields and the fodder goes to the animal farms. The harvest of fruits, vegetables, or grains can be loaded and taken directly to the market.
  • Not just the agricultural sectors, tandem trailers are also used in industries and the commercial sector. They are used for carrying essentials like heavy equipment, cargo, building material, debris, digging, and excavation tools, etc.

If you decide to invest in a tandem trailer with more axles you should be aware that more maintenance with bearings, tires, and grease is required. These trailers are an excellent option for people who need to transport heavy cargo Australia wide. They can absorb shock more easily and thus produce less bounce while travelling up and down uneven roads. This ensures the safe, efficient, and steady transportation of goods from one place to another.