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Benefits Of Shower Screens

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Bathroom renovations

Are you bored seeing your old bathroom? Want to give your bathroom m a new look? A little tweak can give your bathroom a new look. You do need to remodel the entire space; just installing a shower screen in Sydney can do the trick. Nowadays, you can find different types of shower screens—both frameless that can be hung like a curtain and glass shower screens. Glass shower screens in Sydney can be quite aesthetically appealing if installed well and combined with other fixtures. Glass shower screens in Sydney are quite popular with builders who want to give the bathroom an elegant look.

Benefits of glass shower screen:

Glass shower screens as the name suggests are made of glass. It encloses a space with glass walls around it and requires a frame. The shower and other fixtures for bathing are within this enclosed space.
Here are a few benefits of glass shower screens in Sydney:

  • Makes the bathroom look more spacious: Glass shower screens, can make your small bathroom look spacious, even though it is an enclosed space.  It makes the bathroom look significantly larger and facilitates better air circulation within the bathroom. 
  • Easy to maintain: Choosing glass shower screens over any other material gives you the advantage of low maintenance. All you need is soap and water to clean a glass shower screen. The chances of mildew and mold growth are also less compared to any other material. If you put a protective sheet on the glass frame, then the chance of soap and water stains on the glass also reduces significantly.
  • Safety is ensured: The chances of water spilling out of the glass enclosure are very remote, and this reduces the scope of slipping on the wet floor and falling, especially for elders and children in the house. This can reduce the risk of accidents and mishaps in the bathroom. 

Benefits of frameless shower screens:

Frameless shower screens in Sydney are also quite popular. They are sometimes made of glass that does not require a frame or is also made like plastic curtains. Here are a few benefits of a frameless shower screen:

  • Easy to install: Frameless screens are easy to install and can be customized as per your choice. They are also easy to maintain and can last for years if cleaned and handled with care.
  • Allows natural light: Frameless screens, not only make the bathroom look more spacious but also facilitate natural light and air. This gives the bathroom a natural and elegant look.
  • Less hard on your pocket: Unlike glass shower screens with the frame, frameless screen, even when made with glass is less expensive. Also, the screens that come in the form of curtains are the cheapest and can add variety to your bathroom as you can change them at regular intervals.

These are some of the benefits of shower screens. Showers screens are a perfect combination of utility mixed with aesthetics and can really give your bathroom a novel look. Many online dealers in Sydney can give you the best deal.