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Benchtop Installation Instructions to Help You Assemble Your Benchtops

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Home Improvement

Are you preparing for kitchen benchtop installation, then the key is the preparation? Always keep in mind that installing a benchtop involves a lot more than just choosing the material of the benchtop. Also, benchtop installation should be the last thing that should happen in your kitchen renovation work.

Moreover, when you plan for benchtop installation in your kitchen, and your installer shows up to template the area you must ensure that all the cabinets are permanently fixed, and nothing moves between the template and the install.

Through this article, we will learn some of the crucial tips that should be kept in mind for Kitchen Benchtop Installation:

Let the Sink be in place before the Template Day:

Before the templating of the benchtop happens, the kitchen should be on-site already. Whether it is a standard under-mount or drop-in sink, the contractor must ensure that the sink fits well into the sink cabinet, and also, it should be in the right position. It may so happen that the cabinets need to be altered to place the sink. Hence, it is recommended that you speak to the contractor as soon as possible regarding the issue.

For example, if you are installing an apron-front sink, there can be an end number of ways to place the bowl. You should have a careful idea as to where the front edge of the benchtop and the sink meet. There are some sinks that come with a notch and the benchtop snugly fits into it.

At this juncture it is critical to mention in the case of kitchen benchtop installation it is always a better idea to have wall-mounted tapware, it makes the wiping of the benchtop easier.

  • Tips for Benchtop Overhang:

If any portion of your kitchen benchtop overhangs the cabinets, you should have a clear plan in mind as to how you would like to support that area. If you have overhangs of around 15-30cm, it may be possible to go without bracing, depending on the material. But at the same time, it should be kept in mind that an attractive bracket not only gives you peace of mind but also accentuates the overall beauty of your kitchen space. So next time even when someone sits on your benchtops you know for sure that it would not give in.

  • Height of the Benchtop:

Depending on the requirements, the height of the kitchen benchtops varies from one another. In case, custom benchtops are not in your budget, then you can vary the finished height of the benchtop by using materials that are of different thickness. There is always a standard height of a benchtop, but if you have somebody tall in your family you can opt for kitchen benchtop installation which is higher than the ordinary.

  • Benchtop Support:

Usually, your benchtop will be supported by your cabinetry but how to provide support to that part of the benchtop that holds your appliances? You can install a wooden blocking flush with the top of the adjacent cabinets so that the installer can attach the strip with ease.

Last and not least, always approach reputed installers for installing your kitchen benchtops.