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Essential Bathroom Supplies in Sydney

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Bathroom renovations

A shower head is a bathroom utility which consists of a round or square-shaped disk that has multiple holes in it. This disk is installed at the showering place and has water running through its holes. A square shower head is the one in which the head is of a square shape.  

Square showerheads exist in different forms, sizes, shapes, and colours. There are many sizes and designs. Different square heads use different materials for their construction like chrome, brass, and steel.

With advancing technology, a square shower head can operate in different spraying settings. More advanced models provide users with different experiences and feelings while showering.  

What are the Things to Consider While Buying a Square Shower Head?


  • Feel of your Bathroom 

Square showerheads are increasingly becoming a sought after choice for house planning. They can elevate the look of any residential household and make it into a chic place. A square shower head can make the bathroom look modern.

A square shower head can give a very modern architectural feel to your washroom. The colour, material, location of your showerhead should depend upon the overall feel of your washroom.  

  • Size of your Washroom

A square shower head is not a very big utility, but it does come in different sizes. The size of the square shower head determines its water flow. Larger square shower heads usually have greater water flow.

So your decision about the size of your square shower head should depend upon the size of your washroom. How much space do you have in your showering area and bathtub? How much water flow can this place accommodate? Ask these questions before deciding the size of your square shower head.

  • Mounting and Specifics of the Square Shower Head

The actual process of getting the square shower head fitted into your washroom has a huge impact on its functioning. The angle and height of the showerhead determine the direction and pressure of the water. It also determines the water coverage for one’s body. It is the key to determining the feeling one gets while taking a shower.   

While mounting the square shower head, it is also important to keep its specifics into consideration. The number of nozzles and the size of the nozzles on the shower head determine the kind of flow that one receives. Ensure that these fit your requirement to get the best rain like effect while showering. 

  • Brand and Price of the Square Shower Head

The good quality brand ensures a good quality shower head. A good quality square shower head is made of the best material and is in the best state possible. It is durable and lasts long. 

Invest well and smartly in a square shower head. It is an investment that can last you for long. Different pricing options exist for showerheads. Consider different price options and then make the decision that best suits your budget and demands.