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All You Need To Know About B & D Doors

by | Dec 22, 2021 | garage doors, Home Improvement, Home Security, security

B & D Doors has been around for over 60 years, which means they have had plenty of time to perfect their products. They offer a highly durable product that can be relied upon throughout the years, which has resulted in the brand becoming a trusted name in garage doors and choosing them may be one of the most important decisions you make for your home. This can be attributed to their high-quality products and superior customer service and these sectional garage doors can give you more space in your garage. Over the years, B&D doors have become one of the most popular brands for sectional garage doors. 

B&D doors come in a variety of designs, colours and materials to choose from when purchasing their new garage door. Suppose you are concerned about security and the safety of your family. In that case, B&D offers unique security features to its brand.

B&D doors can also be fitted on any sized garage doorways, i.e no door is too big or too small. Because these doors can be easily customised, they can also fit on your average-sized garage doors. The customisation flexibility also allows customers to have various options to design b & d doors according to their style choice.

What’s more, b & d garage doors are also sturdy and built to last with strong springs with a minimum of ten thousand rolling cycles with tough steel brakes, to ensure your door gives your lifelong service.

B&D Panel Lift Motors For Different Doors

B&d panel lift door motors can be installed not only on garage doors but also on commercial roller doors as well as sectional doors, car parking lots, loading docks and warehouses. This makes them quite versatile. However, specialised motors with certain customisations may be needed for commercial doors as they are heavier.

B&D garage door openers with b&d panel lift motors are among the most trusted and reliable systems for sectional garage doors. It is well known for its quality and reliability. They are not only easy to install but are also available at reasonable prices.

The B&D sectional door openers with b&d panel lift motors are available as reversible or non-reversible systems. 

The B & D panel lift motors have been specially designed not to make much noise while offering proper safety as well as speed.

There Are Three Types Of B&D Garage Door Openers

The reversible b&d panel lift door motor models have a reversing motor which, when installed, allows the door to be opened and closed from either side. This feature is particularly beneficial if you have a narrow driveway and don’t want to park on the road to open and close your garage doors.

The Chain Drive Motor is designed for light-duty use, such as with small sectional doors. It is powered by a 1/2HP motor with a chain drive and comes in reversible and non-reversible configurations.

The Belt Drive Motor has a 3/4HP motor and runs on an oil bath gearbox with an integral V-Belt pulley system. It is the most commonly used opener for residential applications due to its quality and reliability. The belt drive motor is available in both reversible and non-reversible models.

The Gear Drive Motor is powered by a 3/4HP powerful, commercial-grade DC motor with an integral gearbox. The gear drive design gives it high torque, making it ideal for large doors and heavy-duty applications. It has the reverse capability as standard.

You can learn more about b & d doors and various types of motor garage door openers from the b & d site.