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Are You Following These Etiquettes At Your Shared Office Space?

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Real Estate

When it comes to sharing office spaces, there are several who find it to be an easy option especially when they do not have the required funds to purchase or get on lease entire office spaces to themselves. This trend catching up, with those, who are new to the business and intend to focus on multiplying profits rather than thinking of an office to work in.

Shared office spaces are a concept where owners of buildings or even commercial areas allow people to hire floor spaces depending on their needs and accordingly receive a set amount of money as rent. While these are large spaces, it is shared by several at once. Multiple business owners sit next to each other while doing their work independently without any problems.

While this concept of shared office space in Sydney is something that is here to stay for long, not many talks about the etiquette one should follow when at a shared office. Here we are talking about a few that people shouldn’t forget.

Bring along your stationery/appliances

Unless it is an emergency and you had no plans of using stationery or even appliances as that of a printer do not make it a habit of borrowing it from anyone around you. Even though they may be courteous to lend it to you, it may not go down well with them every day. Therefore, always remember to carry your office essentials and not borrow things all the time. It indicates how careless you are when it comes to handling business.

Be soft when over the phone

Since it is an open area with several others working alongside, conversing loudly over the phone doesn’t create a good impression. Disturbing their workflow and concentration especially when two people are discussing something doesn’t make you mannered. Moreover, why would you want the world to know about your personal or professional telephonic conversations?

Keep the area clean after you are done

Since it is a makeshift office, the desk doesn’t belong to you permanently and leaving behind loose paper or even stationery once you are done at the end of the day doesn’t seem to be a good idea. There may be people after you occupying the same desk and so wiping the desk and chair or even keeping the floor under your feet clean makes you a responsible person. Even though the authorities have housekeeping services to clean up after you are done, it shows courtesy on your part.

Do not attract attention

Attracting attention at shared office spaces is something that you do when you apply a strong perfume or probably spray a room freshener that is strong in smell. It may be very unpleasant with the rest around you. If at all you smell a bad odour, you could consider taking their permission before spraying anything in the air. Also, avoid keeping high volumes for your mobile phone where it starts ringing, and everyone looks at you because of how loud it is.