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Anti Slip Solution For Tiles- A Great Way To Get A Grip

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Flooring

The risk of injuries and falls is familiar to anyone who has ever been on a slippery floor. Security, as they say, first of all, and, nevertheless, far from in all public institutions, it corresponds to the level of the norm. It is known that the norm of the coefficient of friction is a value of 0.55 and higher, but often this value is not valid, and people remain at risk. To solve the issue of slippery floors, a solution has long been found, an anti-slip compound for tiles. 

An anti-slip composition is a reliable tool, the chemical basis of which includes substances that affect the tile so that the coefficient of adhesion (sliding friction) with the tile increases significantly. The anti-slip composition, when applied to a particular type of tiles, contributes to the appearance of micropores. These micropores are invisible to the human eye, which are certain irregularities that affect the adhesion quality of an object located on the surface. The anti-slip solution for tiles is not picky in care but should be applied when processing the floor. Poor application of the product may be fraught with the absence of the effect of sliding friction, and even possible defects that appear on the floor on which it was misapplied.

Stages Of Applying Anti-Slip For Tiles: 

  1. The stage of preparation of the surface for processing – High-quality cleaning of contaminants of any kind (with severe contaminants can be repeated) – Drying of the surface after cleaning from contamination.
  2. The stage of applying the composition to the surface of the floor covering – Distribution of anti-slip composition on the surface (performed as evenly as possible, according to the instructions, with strict regard to time indicators).
  3. The stage of preparation for operation – After the final drying of the product, the floor is washed and dried again until it completely dries, after which it becomes available for use.

Where Anti-Slip Solution For Tiles Can Be Used

Their purpose is quite extensive and accessible, where it is necessary to increase the coefficient of sliding friction on the floor. These can be the following objects: Public saunas and showers, pools; Industrial territories, industrial places. Open private territories (residential buildings and apartments) requiring anti-slip treatment (stairs, foyer, swimming pools, etc.). Closed private areas that need anti-slip treatment (entrance hall, bathroom and shower rooms, indoor pool, indoor); Centres of various categories of destination (business, shopping, entertainment); (hotels, hostels, bars, restaurants, cafes, etc.); Beauty salons, massage rooms, spa-salons. The non-slip is safety, practicality, and excellent appearance. How slippery the steps of a street porch after rain or snowfall can be, everyone knows firsthand. And some had a chance to fall on them, getting injured. To protect yourself and your household or guests from such troubles, it is worth investing in a non-slip . Of course, the optimal solution to the problem of wet sliding surfaces is the acquisition of an anti-slip solution for tiles. But it is not always possible to realize this, and in such cases, it is necessary to choose wisely the ones that suit your floor.