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An Overview of Gas Piping

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Home Improvement

Looks like the cold season is here and therefore the need for heating systems is going to rise! Natural gas is said to be the cheapest and economical to a girl your boiler or furnace. It can prove to be a lot advantageous but the responsibilities and safety have to also be taken in regard. That’s why it’s always recommended to use high-quality gas fittings supplies

The whole piping inside your residence is known as the gas supply line, some like to call it even as the building line. Then comes the branch lines which basically run to individual appliances. The role of the branch line ends as a vertical pipe dropping down to the appliance from an overhead branch line, which is known as the drop line. If it carries gas upwards then it would be termed riser.

If you take a close look at appliance connection point then you will find that there’s a dirt pocket or sediment trap which can also be called a drip leg (having a cap and nipple). In most of the cases, the pipe extension is noted to be around three inches long. Its main role is to catch any foreign material or water present in the gas before it reaches the appliance. There’s nothing much to be confused about it, as it’s just a simple gravity system, segregating the solids and liquids.

The meter and piping upstream of the gas meter is the sheer responsibility of the gas company but on the other side, the piping downstream of the gas meter is the responsibility of the homeowner. Always prefer good quality gas fittings supplies so that there’s no one to blame you for your part not being done.

In most of the cases, the gas piping is in black steel but in certain cases, copper, galvanized steel, CSST, or brass could also be used. But, not to forget that some of the utilities clearly prohibit the use of copper whereas in other areas the usage of the material is quite common and dominant. Head out and try to analyze and understand what works the best or most in your area. If you adapt to something that’s not prevailed in your area then you may have to face some issues in the long run.

If you are also thinking for grounding means for the electrical services of your gas piping then ensure that you have permissions from the necessary authorities. The electrical grounding system has to be bonded with the gas piping by attaching it to the electrical grounding system, regularly close to the water heater. To avoid the electrical potential buildup inside the gas piping, we will have to ensure that the piping is set to zero electrical potential and that can be easily achieved by bonding it to the grounding system. The common issues that arise on a gas piping include inappropriate materials, leaks, no drip leg, copper tubing not properly labelled, etc.


We hope that the article was helpful in providing you with the necessary knowledge about gas piping. Our aim was to provide basic knowledge about important things like gas fittings supplies so that from here, you can conduct your own research.