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An Insight Into The Construction Of Hand Augered Piers

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Construction

Piering involves building holes throughout the building site. These holes are then filled up with concrete which enhances the foundation of a building. Thus, hand augered piers are constructed to solidify the foundation of a building/ house. Piers are like the legs of a table. Just as the legs of a table help it stay stable and support it, the piers are important to support a building. It is an upright support for a building structure. Hand piers usually are helpful in cases whether pipe piles or helical piers are difficult to construct. Electric hand-held tools are used to drill holes which are later filled with concrete. A concrete cap and rebar connect the piers to the original foundation of the building. It can also help to level up the building. 

Things to know when it comes to hand augered piers

  • Hand augered piers are usually constructed at intervals of eight to ten feet. They can be built closer if the building is large or quite tall.
  • Hand augered piers of large diameter should have vertical rebars for support. The minimum number of rebars should be four. Wing load, freeze cycle and ground movements are some phenomena from which resistance can be enjoyed due to the addition of rebars. These rebars provide enough tensile strength to the hand augered piers. 
  • Usually, a standard hand pier can support a weight of 8000 lbs
  • Hand augered piers are usually constructed in the softer ground and not in harder soils.
  • Piers need footers for building foundation walls of buildings
  • Pier foundations are built in cylindrical columns for support
  • In cases of wooden houses where the pillars are usually not that strong or for houses that are built on a slope, a pier foundation is used. Hand augered piers, therefore, are extremely useful in such conditions.

Benefits of Hand Augured Piers

There are many reasons to go for hand augured piers owing to their numerous benefits. From cost to flexibility, we shall enlist the various clear advantages one can avail of while choosing hand augered piers.

  • The installation process is relatively simple and the materials are easily available as the material and labour demands are significantly less. 
  • Hand augured piers come in a wide variety in terms of materials and design. Maintaining house aesthetics will rarely cause the plan to go overboard on the budget.
  • The process requires minimal excavation and has a very low need for concrete. Hence you end up saving a lot of both time and money. 
  • Houses become significantly more flood-resistant as there is ample space between the ground and the structure. 
  • The larger diameters of the shafts make the process of inspection a significantly simpler one. 
  • Installing hand augured piers leave sufficient space between the ground and the house above it. So, plumbing and electrical work for the house can be done with ease.
  • Since the excavation process involves a shovel, there is minimal disruption to the bottom soil. This enables the reinstation of the base soil when the building nears its life cycle.