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Aluminium or Steel Fencing Newcastle – Which One’s Better for Your Property?

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Home Improvement

 Different fencing materials offer different pros and cons. Steel Fencing Newcastle has always been the premium choice for property owners. But is it better than aluminium fencing?

Shopping for fencing is often a confusing procedure for homeowners. There are various style, design, and material options to pick from. Wood has always been an attractive and classy material that suits pretty much any yard style. But, wooden fencing structures can be hard to maintain, especially if you don’t get the slightly expensive pressure-treated wood. Other relatively newer fencing materials that have caught the attention of homeowners include – composite (made of wood fibres and plastic), PVC, and the highly pricey vinyl. 

However, metal fencing, especially steel fencing in Newcastleis widely touted to be the best fencing material as these structures last decades or longer with or without proper maintenance. On the other hand, aluminium fences are emerging as another great option for homeowners. Let’s compare the two fencing materials and discover which one adds better stately and security features to properties. 

Steel Fencing – Pros, Cons, and Perks

The first thing budget-friendly homeowners think about when someone mentions steel fencing Newcastle is that these structures are pricey. But, the durability steel fences offer, make them worth the slightly high upfront costs. As long as your steel fences are installed by professionals (these fences often require complex footings and additional supports), they can offer the best security features for multiple decades. In terms of strength and security, aluminium doesn’t come close to steel fences. 

Pros of Steel Fencing 

  • Steel fences are extremely durable and provide long-lasting security barriers for your property. 
  • The wide range of options homeowners gets while shopping for steel fencing in Newcastle is amazing. Steel picket fencing, COLORBOND fencing, tubular fencing, etc. – each of these fencing styles come with their unique advantages.
  • Homeowners who prioritize the aesthetic appeal of their properties will love steel fencing in Newcastle as they look stunning.
  • Steel fences are suitable for domestic, industrial, or even maritime projects. They’re tailor-made for commercial sites as they offer workers protection and security. 
  • Throughout history, large-panelled steel fences have proven to be the most efficient barriers against vandalism and burglary attempts. That’s why combinations of welded wire mesh and steel fences are so common in commercial properties across the country. 
  • By paying some extra fees, home or business owners can have their steel fencing structures customized to fit their properties’ style.
  • When steel fence plants are galvanized, the resulting powder coating offers immense strength. These protective coatings make steel fencing Newcastle far more durable than aluminium. These coatings are resistant to heavy impacts and abuse.

Cons of Steel Fences

  • Heaviness – steel fencing structures are extremely heavy, so the installation processes are always complicated.
  • People who ship their steel fencing structures from foreign countries have to deal with higher shipping costs.

Is Aluminium Fencing Better?

Technically, steel fencing in  Newcastle is more durable, stronger, and the better long-term option. The only reason aluminium fencing is compared to steel is cost. These fences can be recycled and repaired very easily. For budget-friendly home or business owners on the lookout for a cheap steel substitute that looks just like wrought steel, aluminium fences are the best options.