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All You Need To Know About Printable Heat Transfer vinyl

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Business

Want to print the jersey number on your favorite shirt? Are you looking for options to print a banner? Wondering what is the best alternative to get the desired vibrant image? Printable heat transfer vinyl is the best alternative to print the graphics or patterns that you want on the material you want. You get the perfect prints and graphics that feel and look like the screen printing by the printer only with this product. 

It is used to print basic patterns or plain graphics only. If you want to print some characters or basic shapes then, this is the best alternative. This method doesn’t work for the printing of complex and detailed graphics or images.

Now comes the question: what is vinyl printing and how is it done?

Well, it is a heat transfer technique. So what you need to do is cut out the desired shape or design off the vinyl paper by machine or as you want and then heat-press it to the cloth or material. The colour gets transferred to it. So primarily it works on the applied heat and pressure.

Tips for vinyl printing:

  1. If you are unsure, make sure you do a test of the vinyl that you are going to use on the garment.
  2. Before printing, go through the instructions.
  3. Do not heat-press the vinyl directly but use some piece of cloth and you don’t have to worry about the colour of the fabric that you are using as the transfer material is opaque.

Advantages of using printable heat transfer vinyl are listed below:

  1. These come in a vast variety and range to provide a glossy and matte finished image.
  2. A specific heat transfer vinyl is made so that the dark colour print can be obtained.
  3. Comes in a wide range of lengths and sizes.
  4. Hassle-free printing.
  5. Washable prints.
  6. Can give a glittery or velvety finish as well.
  7. The printed image is highly durable and stays almost as long as the material itself does.
  8. Can be used if you want to print somewhere on an already printed piece of cloth.
  9. Don’t have to worry about the shift in colours. What colour you use- you get. It can be used on any dark shade of garment.
  10. No loss of colour and cracks don’t appear too.

Although the lifespan of the print is quite high and it is durable too, you should follow some guidelines to increase the strength. Some tips to increase the lifespan of vinyl printed material are listed below:

  1. Try to avoid dry cleaning the garment.
  2. Warm wash it in the machine.
  3. Use mild detergent to wash the garment.
  4. Avoid using any chlorine-based bleach on the garment.
  5. Use the usual setting for drying.
  6. Wash it after a day of printing only and not before that.

Printable heat transfer vinyl is a straightforward method of printing in comparison to others for simple graphic prints as it is very affordable and comes in vivid colours that can be used to produce the desired pattern or graphics.

This method is ideal for the small scale business of printing as well as for the people who want to customize material at home using these common steps.