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All You Essentially Need to Know About Epoxy Floor Cleaners

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Flooring

Should I opt for the epoxy floor cleaners? This was the question that was raised from my end concerning these floors.

It is always good to know more about them before choosing and making final decisions. However, it is also necessary to know more about the epoxy floor cleaners. Primarily one may observe that these come in two forms namely:

Traditional and Home-based cleaners: 

  1. Prepared at home with basic materials available 

  2. Easily available at home

  3. Convenient and comfortable in using

  4. Convenient and comfortable in using

  5. User-friendly cleaners

  6. Mayor may not give the appropriate and required results

The Commercial Cleaners 

  1. Chemicals and Synthesizers are used to manufacture these cleaners

  2. Available through online websites or physical shops in the markets.

  3. One needs to take precautionary measures

  4. One needs to take the necessary precautions and handle cleaners with care.

  5. One perceives the desired results and outcomes.

Deep Cleaners

The commercial epoxy floor cleaners are known to be deep cleansing liquids and help in eradicating necessary stains and marks from the floors. These cleaners are effective and last from three to four months. Subsequently, the consumers must buy the cleaners regularly and use them as per their requirements. One may also observe that these cleaners usually come in two to three forms apart from the ones mentioned above:

  • The Bio-degradable ones 

  • Ammonia-based liquids and 

  • Lactic Acid cleaners

Suggestions & Recommendations

Consequently, the regular use of the epoxy floor cleaners helps in the removal of the stains, dirty marks, greasy patches and slimy deposits on the floors. However, individuals need to use them regularly and whenever it is required from time to time. It is cumbersome and involves some of the valuable time and efforts also. Though certain cleansing companies help the house owners and individuals to deal with them on a payment basis. Thus, the individual may avoid direct involvement and leave to the cleansing companies. This is true for the small, medium and large industries with epoxy floors.

Varieties of Cleaners

One more fact is that the epoxy floor cleaners are available in the form of waxes, bleaches, paints and cleaning chemicals also. If one is purchasing it and using it without any kind of training and is non-expert, it is always recommended to read the instructions for using them. The product has the usage details and information is necessary for the non-expert person. The experts know the intricacies and take the precautions accordingly and there is no danger. 

Precautionary Measures

As a result, it is good to know that the liquids are not only meant for cleaning; however, they are safe to be used at home also. If children and animals are present at home, then it is more necessary to handle the chemicals and must be out of reach for both of them. It is suggested that one reads the contents of the cleaners also. Some precautions must be abided like wearing gloves, keeping away the fire, taking the appropriate measurements, mopping properly and allowing good cleaning with water in the end. 


It is also worthwhile to note the fact that the epoxy floor cleaners come in different categories like cleaning, coatings, sealers, safety treads, and tapes, etc. There are different brands and prices, offers are available for the customers and colors are meant for attracting the clients to purchase them.