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All about Kitchen Bench Tops

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Travel

Kitchen Benchtops have a major impact on the overall look of the kitchen as it is the centerpiece of the kitchen. If you have the idea of installing an island in the kitchen, then you have to give a lot of importance to the kitchen benchtops. Renovation Experts of Sydney in Australia will help you in giving the best layout to accommodate all this.

The type of the material, the color, and the style will give a very classy look. The top priority in selecting the kitchen benchtops in Sydney should be on the type of the material and the choice of color. You can go for family- safe benchtop and scratch-resistant.

It is important to make sure that the kitchen benchtop is durable for heavy use and also functional for your lifestyle. Experts tell that the best possible depth for the kitchen benchtop is 600 mm and 900 mm. However, the width of the benchtop will depend on the space that is available and how you use it.

Material functionality is also considered with a lot of binding choices like bevel nose, bullnose, round nose, half-round nose, and wood. Let us see the following types of benchtops available in the market. 


These are very economical and the most adaptable of all choices. There are a variety of finishes that can match your kitchen theme or home. They are available in a wide range of colors and finishes.


For a rustic styled kitchen, timber kitchen benchtops Sydney is a perfect choice. Timber is a very durable and very sturdy material. It is virtually maintenance-free and it will not blunt your knives. 


This never fails in giving a very modern look to your kitchen. The custom cabinetry in Sydney of your kitchen may be anything but the elegance of the granite will always shine. Moreover, it gives a lot of a wide range of benefits when compared to the other materials. Granite is stain and scratch-resistant and heat resistant as well. 


Marble kitchen Benchtop is a very luxurious choice. It can give a very appealing look. It is a little vulnerable to breaks but the look that it can provide is matchless.


Stone Kitchen Benchtop is the most durable Benchtop. It comes with a lifetime warranty. It is stain-free, heat-free and scratches free. Furthermore, it is perfect for custom cabinetry Sydney. Stone as a material is tough, durable and long-lasting.

And also it never fails to quench your thirst for aesthetics. It comes in beautiful colors and patterns. These enduring properties of stone kitchen benchtop have made it a very popular choice among the homeowners. It is also recommended by the professional kitchen planners and builders all around the world.


Quartz is a great choice. If you are following practicality then this is for you. It is also in the list of popular choices and it comes with a wide range of colors and designs. It is not as expensive as natural stone. This is a striking advantage. Isn’t?