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AI Can’t replace humans. Read Why?

by | Jan 21, 2019 | IT & Technology

Everyone thinks AI (Artificial Intelligence) would quickly replace human jobs. Is AI going to replace people and create an inevitable global crisis of unemployment? Or In the real world, people are good at surviving and excelling. Humans adapt and develop. The innovations make us more productive with very few job categories being eliminated. Technology and innovation facilitate our lives and help us do better our jobs. AI makes us more efficient in the following ways.

AI is not intelligent enough to do creative work.

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It’s emotional intelligence that AI just doesn’t possess and there is no possibility that it will achieve it in future. AI makes us more efficient and effective. The human condition of reacting instantly in a very creative way is incomparable with any machine ever designed. It gives us the time for creative work, including the review of our search results and the information. But AI cannot do this without the intervention of a human hand.

AI frees us from repeated tasks In our jobs there are too many repetitive tasks.

Take recruitment, for example. One job for a recruiter is to find talent for organizations. This role involves personal interaction so that the recruiter can connect with customers and candidates. AI can easily deal with repeated recruitment tasks and highlight the best candidates — those with the greatest chance of success in a given organization. What they do is sort summaries (often hundreds or thousands), search through job sites, schedule interviews, make phone calls and send emails. This frees the recruiter to look after what is really important, such as building relationships with top candidates and getting them into the best jobs.

AI can not solve all the major health problems

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But it will be decades before AI finds a cure for cancer or old age because the creativity and spontaneity that fuel human genius are lacking. We will not have instant discoveries only because of AI in health care or major world problems. Trials, experiments, peer review and several million code lines are in the way. All this is done by humans. And progress is going to be slow.

AI enables us to do our jobs better by making us more human

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Take sales, for example. Selling is an art that takes amazing finesse. It is the most basic directive of the marketer and it is an inherently human function. Those who have a natural chance to sell could keep up, but the rest of your team will not be as productive as they should be. When we are liberated from hard work, the world slows around us. We have more time to strategize, connect with customers and optimize our processes in order to improve productivity and return on investment.

AI opens up the opportunity for new jobs and novel industries

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Well with the advent of the digital age the technology is slowly leading us towards heavy essential use of AI. Due to the rise of these new types of products will appear in the market. Some of these products and services have already started to emerge in the market. This will give rise to new technically advanced industries and the jobs in the same.

AI will help us to work faster, to eliminate impractical solutions and to reduce the pool of promising solutions. We can reduce death rates and prolong life for human beings.