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Advantages of Adding Awnings at Your Home

by | Jan 24, 2021 | Home Improvement

Are you looking for the benefits of awnings? Well, there are a plethora of benefits of fitting awnings to your home. The awnings not only look great but also offer a multi-functional outdoor area to make your garden more functional. If you are still unsure about the benefits of awnings and whether they are worth the investment you are making, read along to know the benefits of awnings in Double Bay. Designed with varying materials, awnings allow you to take advantage of the deck or patio. You do not need to compromise on the design and style to ensure that it is functional.  

  • Block UV rays:

The chief role of awnings in Double Bay is to block the harmful UV rays from entering your home. Usually, custom retractable awnings are capable of blocking the UV rays and the sun’s heat from coming indoors. This helps to cool your home more efficiently than drapes or blinds. You can fit a window awning to experience a significant reduction in glare on computer screens and television sets. Awnings prevent fading of carpets, drapes, flooring, furnishings, and outdoor as well as indoor decor. 

  • Low maintenance:

The prime concern of most homeowners, when it comes to purchasing something for their homes, is maintenance and upkeep. Engineered to an outstanding level of performance and design, awnings are available in a range of patterns and colors. Made from acrylic fabric, these awnings resist mildew and are water repellent. Moreover, they remain beautiful and bright for many years and last long. The maintenance of these awnings is pretty simple. You can brush off the loose debris & dirt and spray a clean solution of mild soap & water. With that, you may use a brush of soft bristles for cleaning. Ensure that the cleaning solution soaks into the fabric followed by thorough rinsing till complete removal of residue. 

  • Sun and rain protection:

The biggest advantage of installing awnings in Double Bay over your patio or deck is that it protects your family from the harmful UV rays of the sun while providing valuable shade. When you reduce direct exposure to sunlight with an awning, you will experience a decrease in the temperature of your patio or deck by around 20° F. This helps to enhance your leisure time outdoors and protect the health of your family. Also, if you have small kids and pets in your home, even they would love to be under the shade while they play outdoors. 

  • Reduced energy costs:

Do you wish to save your money by making significant savings on your energy bills? Well, strategically installing the awnings helps to reduce the carbon footprints and save money in the long-term. Window awnings have the potential to lower energy costs by 25% as they act as an original air conditioner. Alternatively, you can close the awnings in winters to let the sun in and experience the additional benefit of warmth. 

  • Conclusion:

These are a few promising advantages of fitting awnings in the outdoor area of your home. They serve rich benefits while making your outdoor space functional.