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Macedonian Monuments That Are A Splendour To Adore

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Business

North Macedonia is one of the official six countries that form the Macedonian region in the Balkan Peninsula of South-Eastern Europe. It is filled with mountains and rivers. It has sustained the rule of Romans, Bulgarians, Byzantines, Ottomans, and Serbians in the past. The complex history of this region has given birth to several Macedonian Monuments that are a heritage on their own.

The Millenium Cross, Skopje

The Millenium Cross, located in the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje, is 200 feet tall. This makes it one of the largest crosses in the world. It sits on top of the Vodno Mountain and is a testament to the long Christian history of this region. A cable car takes you to this cross. You can reach the top of this cross on an elevator and enjoy the view of the city from there.

Porta Macedonia, Skopje

Another monument in the capital city of North Macedonia is this arch of victory, called Porta Macedonia. It sits on the Pella Square. Built-in 2012, as a march of 20 years of independence, this monument has a rustic appearance. The gates of Porta Macedonia consist of inscriptions depicting the important moments of Macedonian history.

Warrior on the Horse, Skopje

Built-in 2011, this is one of the most famous Macedonian Monuments that was a part of the Skopje 2014 project. It is popularly believed that the warrior represents Alexander the Great and is a marker of the country’s history with Greece. There are fountains near the status which play music and make it a famous resting spot. But the main highlight of this monument is the light show that takes place every day when the sundowns.

Makedonium Monument, Krusevo

Also known as Ilinden, this monument supposedly commemorates the 1903 uprising of Ilinden. It is located on a hill in Krusevo and offers a great view of the region. The structure of this monument is round, and it has protruding windows. The interior has four stained glass windows that face the location linked to Ilinden. Jordan Grabuloski and Iskra Grabuloska are known to be the designers of this unique structure.

Radin Bridge, Kratovo

Kratovo is famous for its Macedonian Monuments and bridges, one of them being the Radin Bridge, which is built over the Manceva river. Built-in 1833, the bridge stands on two towers. According to the legends, this bridge had been built by nine brothers. When the bridge fell, a prophet advised them to bury inside it alive the wife who first visits the structure. The wife of the youngest brother, Rada, came to give them food and water and was forcefully buried alive inside this foundation.

Clock Tower, Dojran 

One of the few monuments in the tiny lakeside town called Dojranis, the Clock Tower. This monument is a symbol of its turbulent past. It is estimated that this structure was built around 1372 by the Ottoman general Evrenos. The travellers in this town used this tower to know the time. However, today, after facing the trials of time, only a small fraction of this tower remains.