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A Simple Guide To Buy The Best Rain Shower Heads

by | Oct 5, 2019 | Bathroom renovations

Whether you are remodelling your bathroom in Australia, or have moved into a new place has an old shower head that hardly works or has a shower head that is too low or tall for your family members; it is then time for you to find the best rain shower head. This process requires a good amount of research and thinking. 

Before going out into the market for surveys, you need to think about the people living in your household and their bathing and shower needs. The best shower head in Sydney is not chosen based on how wonderful it looks inside your bathroom, but by the rejuvenating and refreshing showering overall experience, it ultimately gives you.

Rain showers are amazing but finding the right one that suits your needs is not a very easy task and require analyzation and thinking. The following are some of the considerations while selecting the best rain shower head for yourself:


  • Wall Mount vs Ceiling Mount


It is very important to decide where your rain shower will be installed. It is generally installed either on a shower arm coming from the wall or that of the ceiling. They can be versatile as they match the requirements of both kinds. You can either be replacing an existing wall mount shower head, replacing an existing ceiling mount shower head or updating from a wall mount to a ceiling mount shower head. Fixing this shall help you select the type and design.

  • Coverage vs Pressure 

 Here, coverage refers to the area that the shower headcovers with the spray and pressure refer to how strong the spray flow feels on your skin. Generally, the more one of the factors is increased, the other is decreased. Hence, it is quite important to have a complete idea about what is that you exactly want out of your shower head.

  • Size: 8’’ vs 12’’ 

 Finding the right size of the showerhead diameter that meets your needs is the next focus. An 8’’ showerhead offers the best combination of pressure and coverage suiting both ceiling and wall mount type installations. While a 12’’ rain shower head offers optimal and immense coverage and rainfall spray when installing as a wall mount overhead shower arm or ceiling mount.

  • Single Function vs Multi-Function 

Yes, a rain shower head does provide more than just one function. But majorly everyone concerns over the drenching rainfall spray function. Various other sets are available but can be unimportant if installing as a ceiling mount as adjusting different settings each time would be a task. You must pay for the function you’re going to use in a showerhead for its effective utilization.


  • Material formation


 You must stay away from showerheads in Sydney which are made from cheap plastic material because the leaks and plastic cracks tend to collect more bacteria inside the showerhead than the metal showerheads. It is very important to consider a showerhead made from high-quality metal components to effectively upgrade your bathroom.