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A Few Questions you must ask your dietitian

by | Oct 16, 2021 | Health


In order to understand your lifestyle and get a diet accordingly, many go to a dietitian. Some tend to seek a dietitian for health issues, while others opt for a healthy lifestyle. Pregnant women need dietitians during pregnancy and postpartum to regain strength. Many seek dietary advice for several reasons. Going to one to ensure you have a healthy lifestyle and eat according to the requirements of your body is vital for everyone. You will find a good dietitian in Surry Hills easily. It is common to seek a dietitian in Sydney CBD

We understand that dietitians and seeking dietary help are familiar in all age groups; however, what are dietitians again? Let’s understand further,

Different from a nutritionist, a Registered Dietitian is a provincially governed healthcare expert. This means they are held responsible by provincial regulatory bodies and can accurately evaluate, diagnose and treat nutrition-related concerns.

“Registered Dietitian” is a legally guarded title. Other claims such as Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, RONP, RNCP, ROHP, RHN, or CNP are not standardized and therefore are not held to the same meticulous norms.

Now that we know about dietitians let’s understand what we need to know about ourselves and what we can ask ourselves to introspect to be better while communicating our needs with the dietitian from Sydney CBD or a dietitian from Surry Hills. 

What must we know before going to a dietitian?

Our Goal 

It is essential that introspect about our motive behind going to a dietitian. In addition, we need to understand how long and why we need a dietary plan. 

Set a goal; it can be anything from losing weight to training for a sport to shifting to a new mother’s diet for the sake of your newborn. You need to understand and know your goal before going to a dietitian. Only then you will be able to communicate effectively. 


Now that you’re updated with your objective, here are a few questions you must ask your dietitian, 

Healthy Weight Range For You

Every individual has a healthy weight range according to age, gender, and height. Their level of physical activity also plays a significant role here. Any dietitian from Surry Hills will tell you about the right weight category for you. You need to maintain it. 

How much should I be eating 

This includes your concerns related to the amount of protein, carbohydrates, nutrients, and other supplements like vitamins required for your body, along with the frequency and intervals at which you must be intaking ingredients. 

What am I missing from the diet, and how can I get it?

Not all that your body requires can be given through food. You might have deficiencies or specific food allergies that might reduce the amount of particular protein or vitamin needed for your nourishment. In such a case, ask your dietitian to suggest an alternate source for the specific component. 

What is the best nutritional advice for me?

Dietitians can comprehend every aspect of your diet from your age, weight, height, gender, along with your lifestyle and level of activity. This knowledge gives them a better perspective about your health. In addition, they will be able to provide you with a bit of customized advice specifically for your well-being. 

Do I have any allergies?

Though you might not have any extreme reactions to any foods or beverages, however, once in a while, if you experience any discomfort from a particular food, ask your dietitian, and they will give you the right advice.

Can you help me prepare a meal plan?

Ask your dietitian to help you in prepping a specific diet plan curated for you. This will allow you to enjoy the foods you like without being guilty. In addition, this will make the diet a part of your lifestyle. 

Alternative to junk foods?

We all have been guilty of over-snacking those addictive junk items. Oh, so spicy!! Or deep-fried appetizers with fizzy drinks have made us weak to break our diets. You can ask for alternatives to your dietitian, and they will help you with the same. 

Sources of protein and vitamin 

They will tell you, and you need to know about the specific sources of rich protein and vitamins from natural foods. The best way to know it will be to ask your dietitian from Sydney CBD. They will help you with the same. 

Be communicative about your requirements and expectations with your dietitian. Express your concerns freely, and if there’s something you need in your diet and you can’t give up on some favorite food, they won’t judge you but build a plan that accommodates your favorites without turning them unhealthy for you. Have no inhibition and discuss everything with your dietitian from Surry Hills or Sydney CBD.