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A Few Good Reasons To Choose Timber Flooring For Home

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Home Improvement

Timber flooring is one of the most talked of the town when it comes to renovating your home flooring. Whether you are planning to buy a new house or get the renovation done to your old one, timber flooring can be of great help to you. With so many different companies providing timber flooring services in Campbelltown, you probably may wonder why the demand is so high. That is why this post is of great help to you. The flooring option is extremely important for the house. For better convenience and cost-effective solutions, you need to always go for the flooring that can last for a long time and that is why timber flooring is helpful.

Types of Timber flooring:

Before understanding the reason to choose timber flooring for the home, it is important to understand the types you may want to explore for timber flooring. Such types of flooring can often vary as per the taste. The finish is just fine but you have to focus on the theme and overall look of the home. Some of the types are stated below:

  • Rose gum is a straight-grained option which is not that great durable. It is found in red-brown colour and is resistant to lyctid borer.
  • Blackbutt is a less flammable option that comes with wide colour choices. It is good for places where bushfire is quite common.
  • The option of ironbark can be a great one too as there are colours available from pale brown to chocolate brown. There is also a colour of dark red to choose from. From heavy, sturdy to compact, this type of timber is popular hardwood with quality.
  • Spotted gum has a dark brown colour with different bark shades in the patches. It is strong and best to be used for deck or house farming options.

Advantages of timber flooring:

There are different types of flexible finishing penetrating agents such as oil and wax. The natural oil which is penetrating can offer the rich effect of the colour. This type of following comes with great benefits and is non-toxic. It is easy to patch up and has less maintenance. There is also an oil-modified urethane which is a blend of plasticizer and synthetic and other ingredients.

Simple cleanliness:

The flooring is not resistant to odour or dust. That is why even if you brush the floor simply or do a light vacuum your job is done. Besides, the aroma in which such flooring emits more of a positive vibe.

Lasting use:

While you look for the quality timber flooring in Campbelltown, you can rest assured that your money will not waste. This type of solid timber floor is known to offer a lasting result. It can be resurfaced without any issue. But if you consider carpet flooring the replacement of the same needs to be done every 5 years.


Wooden flooring requires a lot of maintenance since it catches allergens, parasites, and dust easily. But in the case of timber flooring, it saves you from discomfort. It can be a great option for those who have pets as well.