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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Boxing Collectibles

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Business, Services

Boxing might sound like an expensive sport to start with, but, in reality, that is not true. It is a relatively easy sport to begin, and you do not need much fancy equipment at the initial stage. However, to ensure that you are getting the best training and protection, there a few essential boxing collectibles that you will need before getting seasoned in the ring. 

Many professionals will tell you that you need to buy the latest gizmos and gadgets to win against your opponent. That is no doubt true but not for a beginner. Assuming that you already have some boxing, apparels here are a few primary boxing collectibles that should be present in your playing kit. 

What gear do you need for boxing? 

It is a good question, and the answer depends on how seriously you are going to start the sport. Most people want to buy the latest gears, but you do not need that at the initial stage. If the club that you join wants you to wear proper shoes in the ring, you should purchase the mat at the very beginning. But in the majority of cases, a good pair of tennis shoes do the entire job. One consideration that is a must is keeping you protected all the time. 

  • Hand wraps:

Wrapping your hand is extremely important as no one wants to break their fragile and tiny bones of the hand. You should warp your hands well when you are just starting, and your technique is building. Situations might arise when you land an awkward punch on the bag. Such conditions might damage your wrist if you do not wrap your hands.  

  • Boxing gloves:

If you are serious about the sport, you will always want to invest in top-quality boxing gloves. There is an unlimited choice available in the market when it comes to choosing boxing gloves. You will no doubt find a good pair of boxing gloves online once you consider the reviews before buying. You need to check the ounce size of the gloves to find your perfect fit. Boxers generally use 10-12 oz for pad and bag workouts and 16oz gloves for sparring. 

  • Mouthpiece:

We recommend a gum shield if you are sparring. Of course, you do not want to lose a tooth. You have long ways to go if you are learning how to punch in the face. Getting a good gum shield will save your molars at least and give you peace of mind. A gum shield is readily available online, or you can buy one from your gym or check-in any sports shop. Your boxing collectibles kit will no doubt include a mouthpiece. 

  • Headgear:

They come in various shapes and sizes. So, it is up to you what will go well with your head and how much freedom you want. You can not wear headgear that disturbs your vision. Some headgear help to protect the cheeks while others will leave them exposed. You can also go for headgears that will cover your nose.

Mentioned above are some of the must-have pieces of equipment in your boxing collectibles. With this equipment in hand, you can be sure about your security. Other less essential items can make their way later.