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A Beginners Guide To Apply For Heavy Vehicle License!

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Education

Heavy vehicles include Lorries, trucks, buses, garbage hauliers, cement mixers, tractors and more. All heavy commercial vehicles are a crucial part of the automobile sector, and this industry plays a key role in the economy. Driving a heavy vehicle isn’t easy, and drivers must have an hr license to drive heavy-duty vehicles. Not only license but skills and training are also required to drive four-wheelers. The drivers need to apply for an HR license used to have access to drive buses and trucks, and along with it, it is crucial to get a motor insurance policy. Getting an insurance policy will protect yourself from any damage to your vehicle from manufactured disasters and natural calamities. In some countries, it is also important to get third-party insurance coverage. 

Eligibility Criteria:

The very first step towards acquiring a heavy vehicle driving license is to check the eligibility criteria. An individual who is more than 20 years of age can only apply for a heavy vehicle license to drive a heavy-duty vehicle. Individuals must have good eyesight and hearing ability and must be in the right state of mind to provide any vehicle, whether it’s heavy-duty or not. The individuals must have taken professional training from a motor coaching school authorized by the government and must get a certificate of education from the government.

Before getting the proper license, a learning license is important to drive any vehicle. After obtaining a learning license and learning to drive accurately, you can apply for an hr license. You can apply for the license online or offline by visiting your state or country’s RTO or other specific offices. 

Documents required:

 The next step that you need to follow is to gather all the required documents in place. You must have your passport, national identifier card and other documents to prove your address. For age proof, you can submit your birth certificate and fill other required forms according to the protocols and rules and enclose a passport-size photograph of yours. It is important to pay the application fee required to process the documents and license. Some drivers are also asked to give driving tests for heavy rigid licenses to test their driving skills. Once the whole process is done, you can get the license within few days.

If you choose to apply online for a heavy license, visit the official website of Road Transport and Highways and look for the option of applying for a new driving license. Fill all the forms by following the instructions and scanning the documents, uploading all the required documents, and booking a time slot for the driving test. They will provide you with a specific date and time for your test, and you will receive the updates through text message. You can also check the status of your driving license on that particular website from where you applied by filling in your driving license number, state, name and date of birth.