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7 Tips For Naming Any Brand In 2021

by | Jun 5, 2021 | Business

Try not to choose a brand name because you like it, or because it sounds very sophisticated. It’s not something that sounds fun or is liked by all. But a brand name is said to be great when it succeeds in communicating the gist of your organization. 

Here are 7 tips that can help you name any brand in 2021 along with our brand name generator.

  • Articulate Your Brand Heart 

Before you finalize a name, you need to know what should be at the heart of that brand name. This refers to a few important points, such as the purpose of your existence and what future you expect. It is also about the mission you carry and the principles and values that guide you through the path. When you know the answer to these questions, you will better know what term will best define your organization.

  • Look at Your Differentiators 

Looking at your differentiators is about finding what’s unique to you. One of the ways to do so is by looking at your competitors. Knowing the core values of your business isn’t enough. You also need to identify what’s so unique for you in the business, because it is your business. That will guide you to come to a more suitable brand name; one that not only displays the company, but also its makers. 

  • Brainstorm & Consider Your Competitors 

Do some brainstorming with your stakeholders and creatives, by writing down the objectives of your products and services. Describe to yourself how you wish your customers to feel when they approach your products. Also, carry out a free association of words about the product/service.

In addition, you should also brainstorm the categories of brand names, such as the founder, its description, fabrication, metaphor, acronym and magic spell. Also, use your competitors’ names to get a sense of your own along with the help of a brand name generator.

  • Create An Evaluation Method 

When you have figured out a list of names, you will need appropriate means to shorten the list. This requires some evaluation on your part. It’s not tough, and you can do so by analyzing the names’ first impressions and ease of reading. Also find out if it seems okay in multiple sentences, and does it relate to the primary benefits of your company/service.

With this, you will be left with a certain number of options only to analyze in the end.  Many brand name generators help in the evaluation also!!

  • Play Around With Words 

It has been seen that playing with names can also bring about the correct term for your brand’s name. Some proven examples are Adidas and ABBA. Adidas comes from ‘Adi’ and ‘Das,’ where ‘Adi’ was the pet name of the founder’s.  

  • Add Some Personality 

Now, we come to the part of naming, where you can consider choosing a brand name based upon how lively and memorable it sounds. Make sure you are able to bring the distinctiveness while using the brand name generator to get the final result.

  • Identify Commonly Searched Terms

Lastly, you can use SEO to ensure your brand name brings more publicity to your company. This of course helps you establish your brand with time and with a better ranking on search engines.