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7 Tips For Naming A Jewelry Business

by | Jun 5, 2021 | Business

To start a new jewellery business and run it successfully, you should plan well. Naming your jewellery business store can be a very tough task. Effective marketing tactics will help you propel your jewellery business quickly. You should start the marketing process only after deciding on your jewellery business name. This is an essential first step. Many people do not consider the naming stage and end up losing customers.

Today we decided to come up with the best tips for jewellery business name

  • Brainstorm your name ideas: 

An effective tip to get a name for a jewellery business is to get suggestions from your friends or members of your company. You can ask them to suggest some relevant names for your jewellery business randomly. But don’t just pick names, discuss the pros and cons of the names you shortlist. You can see that while these words can be related to Jewelry, they also suggest that you can look forward to adding something special to your look and your life when you buy from here.

  • Research Your Competitors: 

While naming your custom made jewellery business, an important point to consider is researching your competitors’ business brands names. What kind of names did they use for their business in your niche? This is an important question to understand as the name should differentiate you from so many others in your market. A unique jewellery business name will be helpful to grab the customers’ attention.

  • Use Jewelry Business Name Generator: 

Use free business name generator sites that are available on the web. The software helps by suggesting jewellery business names. It can suggest the names as per your requirement Mechanical and quirky, simple and unique whatever that you want. When using the name generator site, don’t use the same names. Instead, twist the word that you like to create a new name that suits your jewellery business. Use the software to get some inspirational names and not the last way to name your business. 

  • Keep it short, sweet and memorable: 

Choose a short, sweet and memorable name for your jewellery business. People should be able to remember and pronounce the name. Don’t use complex words that people have not heard before. Choose a simple name that can represent your business values for your jewellery company. 

  • Consider Your Brand Message: 

Every enterprise that is professionally registered tries to attract customers by conveying a unique brand message to its target customers. Brand messages are mostly in the form of a slogan or statement

  • Shortlist your ideas: 

Once you’ve created a list of the names for your jewellery business that you want, do an analysis of your ideas. Consider the names that are memorable to communicate your brand values, and to your target customers. 

Go through these questions to test your business name:

  1. Is it simple and easy to remember and pronounce?
  2. Can it differentiate you from competitors?
  3. Does it convey a relevant meaning?
  4. Does the name avoid overused words or cliches?
  • Ensure Trademark Registration

Trademarks are very effective. If a name or phrase is trademarked, you will not be allowed to use it in a similar capacity. So, try running a trademark search for every name you have shortlisted and then check whether they are trademarked or not.

These are some of the effective tips and tricks for jewellery business name brainstorming ideas. Use these effectively to gain maximum attention.