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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Ads in 2021

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Digital Marketing

In this interconnected world, the ways of marketing have changed. Online advertisements are now a dominant form of advertising. One of the most effective methods of paid online advertising is Google Ads when used correctly. 

What are Google Ads?

Whenever prospective customers are searching for a product online, they are most likely to search using Google. When a search for a product or service is executed on Google, it provides them with a relevant ad for the product or service through Google Ads. Hiring a professional google Adwords agency in Singapore can help one leverage the digital platform’s benefit and achieve marketing objectives.

Here are some of the top 7 reasons why you should use Google Ads in 2021:

  • Google’s massive reach

    Google has a virtual monopoly in online search engines’ business. More than 90% of online searches are routed through Google globally. This massive global reach gives it a scale to operate locally or globally with equal ease. This reach allows Google ample opportunity for building your brand or creating product awareness amongst internet users. A professional Google AdWords agency in Singapore can offer you a bouquet of services such as PPC to amplify your business growth and leverage the reach of Google.


  • It increases leads and customers

    Since Google Ads works on what a person searches for, it can easily direct users to your web pages. Hence, PPC service providers in Singapore provide one of the best online strategies to generate leads for your business. Well-designed Google Ad Campaigns can generate highly targeted leads which can then be directed to your company website or your e-commerce website.


  • It’s a flexible marketing platform

    Google is one of the most flexible marketing platforms. You can create campaigns for small or large organizations that can target people in a specific region or global audience, depending on your strategy. You can create highly customized marketing campaigns for, let’s say, people using a particular brand of phone, people accessing a specific website, and so on. You can design campaigns using Google Ads and availing several PPC services in Singapore on any budget, starting from $ 1 to any number.


  • Fits To Any Business Model

    One of the most important advantages of using Google Ads is the sheer versatility to fit any business model. So, whether you are a service provider or a manufacturer of products, anyone can run their marketing campaigns simultaneously on Google Ads. It also complements other marketing channels and can keep users engaged.


  • Google Ads Produce Fast Sales With Less Work

    Google Ads is known to deliver speedy, measurable results transparently whenever the campaigns are running. So, if you want to generate awareness and visibility about your business in a short period, hiring a professional Google AdWords agency in Singapore could be a better idea.


  • Faster Than SEO

    SEO is a technique to generate traffic to your website through organic searches, while Google Ads is a technique to generate traffic to your website through ad placements in searches. If you want to create a buzz about your new business in a short time, Google Ads will help you do it faster. SEO is a time-consuming process, while Google Ads campaigns are faster to set up and have more control.


  • Helps Beat Your Competitors

    Google Ads is a powerful technique of increasing traffic to your website and boost business growth. However, when used smartly, it can also help you beat competitors. You can run campaigns to place your product/ service Ads when people search for competitors’ products. You can also redirect traffic to your website even while the user is searching for a competing product. 


The Bottom Line

Google Ads is an impactful online advertising platform that enables marketers to place their products or services in Google searches. This technique can act as a fantastic tool to gain traffic to your website and boost sales. However, it is necessary to drive a smart and cohesive digital strategy by using the right mix of Google Ads and other PPC services in Singapore to reach the target audience and amplify brand presence in the virtual world.