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7 Qualities To Look For A Good Pre-Paid Funeral

by | Dec 26, 2020 | Funeral Services

Prepaying a funeral is one of the ways you can minimize the hassles of arranging the funeral when your loved one passes away and ensure that their wishes are carried out. In a prepaid funeral plan, you pay the funeral home for future arrangements. The process involves specific aspects related to the funeral and includes the following expense.

  • Funeral service and the headstone
  • Care during the final days
  • Getting a casket
  • Cremation
  • Information about obituary

Know the process

With prepaid funerals Sydney, you can allow your family to move ahead with a plan of action and provides you with the confidence that your loved ones will act according to your wishes during the funeral. You need to select a funeral provider and include a detailed estimate of cost, the service locations, and other details. You may not be highly specific about the funeral plan as it allows the family to execute your wishes. 

Qualities to check

If you decide to prepay for your funeral, here are the seven qualities you need to check.

  • Getting a detailed price structure

The rates of funeral homes can vary drastically. Therefore, you need to check with several different service providers before settling for an option. The funeral home you choose must provide you with an extensive list of the pricing structure for all the goods and services. Furthermore, the list must also state the things that families do not require buying. So, beware if you do not get a detailed price list when prepaying for the funeral. 

  • Provide a comprehensive contract

Before signing the prepaid agreement, you must read the contract carefully. Be sure you agree with each point mentioned in the contract. Besides, you need to ask whether you can cancel the plan and receive refunds if you change your mind. The contract must also mention whether you are paying for the funeral services only or for the merchandise as well. Is the state going to be responsible if there is an additional amount to be paid for prepaid funerals in Sydney?

  • Paying in instalments

Paying a lump sum amount for the funeral can be a challenging task for many people. Therefore, the prepaid funeral contract must offer you the opportunity of paying money in instalments. If you are finding it tough to pay the entire amount once, the funeral home must provide you to stay flexible with the payment. 

  • Using the money

When prepaying for the funeral, you need to work with a home that provides information on how they utilize the money. Additionally, you need to find out whether the funeral home works towards safeguarding the money. Ask questions to inquire whether the money stays in a trust account? What do they do with the interest earned on the money? What happens with the leftover amount? 

  • Paying at current rates

One of the biggest reasons people choose a funeral home is an opportunity of paying at current rates.  Therefore, you need to ensure that the home does not ask for additional money during the funeral. The money you pay allows you to have a say over the theme, venue, and music at the funeral. 

  • Get the details of the plan

When availing of prepaid funerals in Sydney, you need to ensure that the funeral home offers you a detailed plan of how to go about the funeral arrangement in the future so that you can experience the much-needed peace of mind.

  • Simple or elaborate coffin

Do you want a simple or a more detailed or intricate coffin? The funeral home must have the facility to let you decide whether to choose burial or cremation.

When it comes to choosing a prepaid funeral, you are likely to come across different types of plans based on your wishes. Try to analyze each plan carefully so that you are aware of what works best for you and make your family comfortable. When you want to decide on a funeral plan, here is what to keep in mind.

  • You need to know how convenient it is for you to apply for the plan
  • What is covered in the money you pay, such as the free for a crematorium and the inclusion of a limousine? 
  • Finding out whether the funeral home offers value for money and protect your finances.

Once you purchase a plan, inform your family about it and the documents you have filed to stay relaxed as long as you live.