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7 Common Signs Of Vitamin Deficiency And How To Correct Them

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Health, Wellness & Beauty

A lack of nutritious and well-balanced diet plan can result in multiple diseases and conditions, which are rather painstaking and unpleasant. These are some of the major symptoms that your body presents to inform you about the issues in your system that seek immediate medical attention. Taking an immediate response to these symptoms will prevent your body from going through some massive breakdowns later. 

Let’s just say that vitamin deficiency is one reason behind your weakness. You will start falling sick more often if your body isn’t getting proper nutrition from time to time. Going through a vitamin deficiency test will let you know the correct numbers.

Listed below are the top 7 common signs of vitamin deficiency. Learn about them and also ways to correct them.

1) White growth in the eyes, resulting in poor night vision:

If your system has lower levels of Vitamin A, then it is related to night blindness. It reduces a person’s capability to see in low light or in darkness. Try incorporating food items in your diet plan, which are rich in vitamin A to avoid blindness. Some of those options are orange-colored vegetables, fish, eggs, organ meats, and green leafy vegetables.

2) Losing hair big time:

Another common symptom of vitamin deficiency will be losing hair. Around 50% of men and women are suffering from hair loss when they reach 50 years of age. However, if there is premature hair loss that is generally contributed to vitamin deficiency in your body. For slowing down the hair loss routine in middle age and also to improve the hair growth, it is important to cover a diet plan, rich in vitamins and minerals, such as egg yolks, organ meat, dairy, fish, nuts, and more.

3) Restless leg syndrome:

Restless leg syndrome is also known as Willis-Ekdom disease and it is a condition of the nerves, which will lead to that unpleasant and uncomfortable sensation in your legs. It will present a major urge to move your legs continuously. Studies have shown that women are subject to this syndrome more than men. Lower vitamin count in your body can lead to this issue. As a solution, create a diet plan full of vitamins and iron like meat, fish, poultry, and more.

4) Bleeding gums:

If your diet plan lacks the power of Vitamin C then that will lead to unwanted bleeding gums. Vitamin C deficiency for a long time might even lead to tooth loss in the worst possible scenes. It can often lead to Scurvy, which affects the immunity system. So, try creating a diet plan with vitamin C incorporated in it. Orange and other citrus food items might help.

5) Scaly patches and dandruff:

Seborrheic Dermatitis and dandruff are some of the major skin conditions, linked to oil-producing body areas, resulting in itchy skin and flaking. Even though Seborrheic Dermatitis affects the groin, face, armpits, and upper chest, dandruff is mostly restricted to the scalp. Vitamin deficiency is one of the main reasons behind it. To avoid that, add seafood, whole grains, and meat as a rich source of vitamins to your diet plan.

6) Brittle hair and nails:

If your body doesn’t have enough Vitamin B7, then brittle hair and nails are some of their symptoms. To avoid being a victim of such conditions, try adding food that helps in restoring biotin levels in your body.

7) Mouth ulcers:

If your body fails to get proper iron and vitamin B, a mouth ulcer is another sign you better watch out for. Look for food items, which are major sources of Thiamin, pyridoxine, and riboflavin.

Apart from these points, make sure to go for a blood test for vitamin D and B12 to get a detailed report of the present vitamin counts in your body and start medications accordingly.