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7 Best Image Optimization Tips For 2021

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Digital Marketing

Do you want to learn how to optimize your images?  Fortunately, you can reduce the file size of your picture to improve the performance of your website by enhancing the speed. Some tricks and techniques from a professional SEO agency in Singapore will help you to reduce the file size of the image and keep it close enough to display it proudly on your page. Let us then understand how the pictures can be formatted without rendering them hideous and how web and output images can be optimized. 


Choose the Right Format 


You can easily choose the right format for your image as this will help you in downloading easily and keeping a standard rule. Many kinds of files are open to you:


  • PNG – creates better images, but has also the greater file size
  • JPEG – uses optimization lossy formats and lossless. The content standard can be balanced to good file size and quality combination.
  • GIF – uses only 256 colors. For animated pictures, this is the best option. It uses the only compression without loss.
  • There are more like JPEG XR and WebP, but not all browsers support them universally. Ideally, for pictures in several colours and PNGs with basic files, you can use JPEG or JPG.


Resize your images 


It was necessary for the past to upload screenshots and not enable CSS to alter their measurements. This isn’t so relevant anymore because WordPress 4.4 now supports sensitive images (not scaled down by CSS). In theory, WordPress automatically produces multiple image sizes for the media library. Browsers may opt to download the most suitable size and overlook the others by including the sizes of an image available in a srcset attribute. Thus there arises the need of getting in touch with SEO agencies in Singapore for expert advice over resizing issues.  


Optimize image file names 


It is important to use the correct keywords to help your site spot itself on search engines when it comes to image SEO. The development of informative, keyword-rich image optimization file names is critical. Not only does the search engine crash the text on your website, but it also crawls the file name of your image. Image file name optimization is very helpful in the perfect ranking of images. Hire the best SEO company in Singapore which can help you in the better ranking of your images in the search queries. 


Create Unique Images 


Unique graphics allow you to stand out in the online world. It allows you to enhance the context and make them easily visible to your target audience. We spoke of file size reductions and search engines to index pictures, so what about test pictures to see what translates to more customers? Unique and creative images can help your brand to rank well. 


Beware of Copyright 


Google is going to ban your website straight away if you get a copyright claim on your content or image. Thus it is really important to keep in mind that your images are not having copyright. It is vital to take into consideration all the copyright intricacies while planning an SEO strategy. Negligence in acknowledging copyright issues can lead to grave problems in the future. Therefore, it is advised to check the copyright-terms and conditions before uploading any image on your content. 


Add image structured data


Make sure you add the data around the image that is completely structured and does not lag anything. Your article will not look complete if your image and data are not structured and relatable. The data should be comprehensible, reviewable and compatible with all the SEO analytical tools. It is essential that the content should be well-planned, coherent and as per the predefined pattern. Structured data is easy to process and analyze too. Therefore, it is essential to look for the best SEO services in Singapore to get the work done in a proper manner. 


Alt tags or Alt Text

Search engines work on Artificial intelligence systems and your audience will surely know about the image. But what about the search engine spiders? How will they index your image? With the help of alt tags, we allow search engine robots to index and rank our content. Even if due to any technical error search engines allow their robots to read the alternative tags to help in the proper ranking. 

These are the best image optimization techniques being used by the top-notch SEO companies in Singapore to help their clients to rank on the top.