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7 Amazing Benefits of Using IP CCTV Cameras

by | Jul 20, 2021 | security

The best security system with a lot of benefits is the IP CCTV Cameras. It is the most deployed system due to its different types of security application which comes with it. It is the most efficient surveillance system used. It is a source of data captured in various scenes. It is the current technology that offers security footage of high resolution to a specified network.

Here are the 7 amazing benefits of using IP CCTV cameras.

  • Much broader areas can be covered with IP cameras than Analog CCTV cameras.

The IP camera used in this security surveillance comes with a very high resolution. It means the IP CCTV Cameras can capture data for a wider view than the analog ones. In an area where you can use a single IP camera in IP CCTV for the analog one, you will use at least four analog CCTV cameras. It is a beneficial factor that can give you high-resolution footage with just one IP camera to cover a large area. 

  • IP systems support powerful search functions

It is another benefit you get when you use Hikvision cameras in your security surveillance. You will search the recorded footage or playback more effectively with a better result than the analog search capability. You may invest in this system, and it has powerful back-end features that make a huge difference compared to the analog system.

  • Expansion is easier with IP System

There are many ways you can use to install your Hikvision cameras. You can connect it with the available nearest network. It will use this network system to send the signal to the network video recorder. You can also integrate the Hikvision cameras into a wireless infrastructure to expand your security surveillance.

  • Costs have gone down.

The price of IP CCTV is nowadays low. If you want to upgrade to this new IP system, it will be cheaper because it is installed on the existing structure of the analog one.

  • Ease of installation

The installation process is easy. Most of the gadgets used are plug-ins, and within a few minutes, the system will be running. Then you will be required to download software to your device. Then you can access your cameras or other devices from anywhere so long as you have the internet to connect to your surveillance system.

  • Intelligence

This Hikvision camera system uses an artificial intelligence program to classify and recognise different objects and unusual behaviour. For example, if an area is restricted, it can learn this pattern, and when someone tries to access this area, it will automatically give you real-time alerts.

  • Analytics Scalability

This IP CCTV camera system has a different range of analytics like:

Tracking and object classification. It can detect and classify various objects. It is also able to track the motion of the object.

Loiter detection. It can detect any stationary object, suspicious behaviour, or unauthorised access in the compound.


Final thoughts 

Hikvision camera is a modern surveillance system you can use. It has more features that are better than the analog ones. This technology can give you a long-term solution that you cannot get from the analog system.