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6 Simple Tips You Can Follow When Selecting Floor Tiles

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Home Improvement

Selecting tiles may not be easy. Different tiles are best for different rooms. You have an ample amount of texture, material and colors. The selection process is never easy.

You can base your selection depending on space and budget. You always have affordable options in the market.

  • Always ask the experts for the best suggestions.
  • Search the internet for the best combinations for your home.
  • Select different floor tiles for each room.

You can follow an expert’s tips when it comes to making selections. Try and combine all budget tiles for your home flooring. Ceramic grade pool edging tiles may not be the best choice for indoors.

1. Hardness Factor:

You may come across tiles that rate different on the Moh’s scale for hardness. For outdoors, you need tiles that can withstand harsh conditions. For interiors, you need floor tiles that look elegant.

Before you select, always check the ratings for each tile. Granite is an ideal choice for the kitchen but marble may look appealing in the living room. Natural stone works best outdoors.

It is obvious that you may not want to select marble or granite as pool edging tiles.

2. Porosity Factor:

Pool areas need tiles that are non-porous by nature. For the kitchen and bathroom, you need partial porous tiles. Based on this, you can opt for vitreous or non-vitreous floor tiles.

This factor is important as it makes the tiles slip-resistant and less glossy. Pool areas should have less glossy tiles so they are slip-resistant. Countertops can have glossy finish tiles.

3. Porcelain Tiles:

Porcelain may not be the ideal choice for use as pool edging tiles. The material is durable, but not the right choice for the outdoor pool area. It is slip-resistant but not easy to maintain. It is porous in nature. But porcelain tiles are the best choice for patio decks and indoors.

You can combine porcelain tiles in many different ways producing elegant effects. The best part is that porcelain floor tiles are also cost-effective.

4. Budget-Friendly:

For the bathroom and kitchen, you always need budget-friendly tiles. Ceramic pool edging tiles are budget-friendly tiles for the pool area. Marble may be the right option for the bedroom floor.

Based on your likes you may have to make a selection of budget-friendly tiles. In general, it is better to combine more than one type of tile for your home.

5. Less Maintenance:

Maintenance can always cost you big money, in the long run. It is not possible to replace floor tiles every year. So you need to consider the maintenance factor.

Low-maintenance porcelain flooring tiles are ideal if you are cost-conscious. If you can afford then you can select granite or marble tiles for your home.

6. Slip Resistant:

The bathroom and pool area need tiles that offer the best grip. Ceramic material pool edging tiles may be the right choice. The tiles are not expensive and will last for many years.

Wet, ceramic will offer better grip. Walking barefoot may still not be advisable.

When it comes to tile selection, you have to be patient. Speak to the experts and then make your choice.