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6 Reasons to Invest in a Cloud-Based HRIS

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Business

What is HRIS?

Effective HR practices are the ones where the company focuses on employee-company engagement and relationship. Further, it helps in building a systematic response conducive to both. The HRIS systems help the HR team to work efficiently on an easy platform. Further, it provides all the employees easy access to the data at any time. The HRIS is a robust management system that helps in simplifying all the HR tasks like payroll, accounts, etc. A cloud-based HRIS system for large companies saves loss data with less overhead costs. Likewise, the cloud-based system is like a one-stop solution for all the HR needs and must be subscribed to.

With so many companies opting for the Cloud HRIS system, all the vendors are focusing on a simple platform. Moreover, it helps to implement and smoothly aligning with the company’s processes.


Benefits of cloud-based Human Resource Management System:

With the employees being the biggest assets of the company, cloud HRIS systems are pivotal for the smooth organization of the companies. Secondly, the system makes it easy to perform all the daily operations on time. 

  • Providing Better Flexibility

Cloud-based HRIS systems provide the freedom that helps in scaling the business. Firstly, you can start the business without any additional costs. You can expand your business as per your needs. The business needs will be changing, and you do not have to purchase any extended versions. Further, HRIS systems cost less than the purchased HR premium. 

The only payment you must make is the monthly subscription or annual fee tailored as per the business needs. 

  • Providing Data Security

Businesses are always concerned about the security of their data. Furthermore, with HR-related information, the data needs to be safe and secured extremely. The security aspects are well-taken care of by the vendors when contacting them for cloud-based HRIS systems. As the apps and data can be remotely organized, the encryption is only provided on a need basis. 

The second thing is related to managing and restricting physical access and ID. Likewise, all the things are taken care of by the vendors. 

  •  Strengthening the Reputation of the Brand

As a part of the management, with HRIS systems for large companies, you are differentiating things from others. You are signalling to the vendors, analysts, and media properly. The system helps in improving the brand name of the organization. It helps you to invest in something big based on the vision provided for future growth. 

  • Leading to less Paperwork

Those days are gone when the employees used to record all the files in the cabinets. Now with HRIS systems, all the files are stored securely in the cloud and you will be getting instant access to all the apps like Google, DropBox, etc. The data is saved digitally, and any HR personnel can print all the records in just a matter of seconds. 

The work of the HR department has been reduced to half. More of the information that the employees need is provided in many sections of ADP. The enrollment has been made easier by making the work paperless. 

  • Providing Compliance and Consistency

The optimum employee management heavily demands consistency and even cloud-based HRIS systems can help even that. Similarly, cloud management helps in maintaining consistency while catering to HR needs. It makes sure that there are no compliance problems involved in it. One of the best parts of HRIS is that it helps in providing accessibility. 

It helps to integrate the data and access the devices in multiple locations. Mobile accessibility has made it easy. Employees can keep track of their attendance records, leaves, reimbursements, etc. 

  • Providing Auto-Updates System

There is no requirement of updating the system if you are working on the cloud-based HRIS. There is less stress, and it updates itself automatically. Likewise, you can work properly in a glitch-free version. The cloud-based vendors provide the best experience to the clients and it assures your performance and security. 

Employees can serve themselves by accessing all personal information. Besides, they can even update their personal information without even asking the HR department. The employees have started feeling confident about themselves. It offers a transparent platform where the employees can access the data easily. 

Things to Know Before Implementing the HRIS Systems

The next thing you must think about is how to install HRIS systems? There are so many cloud services available. Choose the one suitable for your budget and needs. Further, some of the things to keep in mind are:
  • Switch your old software to the cloud-based HR system. Try to be flexible about all the new developments in the company. 
  • Be sure that the staff is well trained for acquiring the new software properly. They must know all the updates and use of the software. 
  • It would be better for preparing training sessions for the employees. Further, you can do the training sessions by either preparing live videos or even conduct live sessions. 
  • Be prepared for the eventualities that can suddenly occur due to the implementation of the new software. 

All the HR programs are getting digital and 41% of the HR teams are planning to create mobile apps. Further, about 33% of HR teams are using AI for delivering HR solutions and ideas. 


The Human Resource Information System is essential for all organizations. Likewise, today’s demands require round-the-clock access to data and personal information. The cloud-based HRIS systems provide access to the information enabling employers to streamline end-to-end HR functions. Having up-to-date information, the payroll software also performs amazingly. It will reduce the time of pay runs because of the accurate data flowing instantly from one system to another. Most of the HR solutions are cloud-based even now but the managers might not even know about it. It’s important to train and educate them for proper use.