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5 Things To Check While Selecting The Appropriate Export Pallets

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Business, Services

Your excitement knows no bounds when your products get an entry into the overseas market. Finding the market in your homeland is a matter of success for the business, but expanding the market abroad makes the brand global. But exporting makes the system complicated for the supply chain as you have to meet various requirements. Logos, logistics, transportation, storage, inventory management, and maintaining shipping procedures are difficult to handle at a time. 

The export pallets make your job easier by providing the necessary protection to your products as they start their journey abroad by air, land, or water. So you have to consider all the important factors before buying the pallets:

1) Shipping destination:

Where are you sending the products? It is better to use the chemically and heat-treated pallets for the longer transits as you don’t know the temperature variations on the way. Also, the export pallets must be able to resist the insecticide and pesticides as well as mold growth issues for the long duration journeys.

2) Wood quality:

Using any wooden pallet won’t work for exporting products. Processing of the wood is mandatory to avoid the survival of any pest. Not only wood, but whatever is the material of the pallet, it should be resistant to pest infestation. If your product does not arrive in good condition, you will lose the international client and get a negative reputation in the market that will harm the business operations

3) Durability:

One thing that matters a lot while buying the export pallets is the durability of the product.

  • When you invest in buying these pallets, you have to remember that the quality of the pallets should be the best. If the pallet breaks under the weight of the load, then it will be a big loss to your company.
  • If the product is strong enough and durable, then you can re-use the pallets and even recycle them later to get new ones from the old ones without disposing of them and adding them to the landfills.

4) Compatibility of equipment:

Depending on the nature of transportation, you have to keep in mind the compatibility of the export pallets with the various types of equipment that the package will go through.

  • Do the pallets travel along the conveyor or all other available automated warehouse systems of the organization? 
  • Can you access the pallets with the pallet jacks or the forklifts?
  • How many accessible sides are there in the pallet? 

All these questions and their answers are important for the buying decision. 

5) Protection of the products:

You need to use the export pallets that are sturdy and protect the products inside.

  • You should be able to customize the pallets according to the dimensions that you need. It is the only way to fit the pallet for the things inside.
  • A proper manufacturing company for these pallets will take care of using the appropriate materials for the inner part to provide cushions to fragile or delicate items. 

By using the proper pallets, you can get further clients for efficient shipping too.