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5‌ ‌Reasons‌ ‌Why‌ ‌IP‌ ‌Camera‌ ‌Systems‌ ‌Are‌ ‌Important‌ ‌For‌ ‌Commercial‌ ‌Industry‌ ‌

by | Jul 22, 2021 | security

Following the size of the retail industry, two factors play an essential role, namely, customers and employees. Customers are an undoubtedly crucial factor, but how come employees? Well, all retail stores, small or big, have employees. Nevertheless, the retail industry is more vulnerable to criminal activities. 

Due to this, the security of retail stores is now a significant concern. Businesses must grow, so do the customers feel secure and attain a joyful experience at the store and employees to experience a safe working environment. Hence, it becomes essential to implement an effective IP camera system or surveillance system. At present, IP cameras are the talk of the town, especially in Singapore. Though expensive, they are considered the best solutions retailers can prefer to protect their retail premises. There are specific fundamental reasons, or you can say the benefits of having an IP camera in Singapore. 

Prevention from the theft

Product inventory is very much essential at any retail store. Theft keeps taking place at retail stores. Not specific to armed robbery, a few customers might just slip things off the shelves without anyone’s notice. Not only customers but even employees steal the stuff.  A surveillance system can help in detecting such events and avert the perpetrators in the act. In Singapore, CCTV IP cameras are outfitted with Intelligent Video Analytics that identify such quirks and warn the accountable person instantly. Installing IP cameras outside a store can help keep a third eye on anyone entering the store. They can immediately guess anyone suspicious. 

Remote surveillance

Today, surveillance systems can be available with the provision of incorporating them with mobile applications. The benefit dictates that an owner or an accountable individual can remotely monitor the store. Physical presence is not required when store security is considered. The corresponding authority is warned during a mishap or even if the blocking of the camera is detected. Besides, mobile apps enable the viewer to reach out to the registered personnel via the app during emergencies.

A more enhanced customer service

A satisfied customer is the heart of any retail business. Customers being ignored may not be happy with your service, ruining your business goodwill. Training employees and how they attend patrons can help remedy the situation. Besides, few employees can be terminated, based on video evidence, if necessary.  Also, we can use the camera footage to verify customer complaints and thereby recognise whether the stated incident took place or they’re merely false. 

Enhanced staffing

Outdoor IP cameras and an internal surveillance system can help decide the hours when there’s the most influx of patrons. This will enable better staffing management. A massive unit of staff members can be employed to attend to customers during these peak hours. Also, this detailed information can help cut down employee payment costs when there is no need for them at the store. This will indirectly lead to a satisfactory customer experience. 

Helps in ensuring employee safety

In the present scenario, workplaces are not considered safe. Employees are often threatened for their safety. And this thing is very common for employees working in a retail store. A surveillance system gives a sense of security. It might also motivate employees to perform better and operate in a fear-free environment. 

In short, an IP camera surveillance system can be highly beneficial for people in the retail business. The five reasons mentioned above are very common that retailers could think of before installing an IP camera surveillance system. Such a surveillance system can act as an obstacle for perpetrators and a feel-safe element for patrons and employees.