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5 Problems Your Roller Shutter Might Be Facing

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Arts

Roller shutters are a perfect way to secure commercial places from unwanted entrance or burglary. They are the first hurdle, or say, the first level of defense for any criminal trying to illegally enter your business premises. So, that implies that you can’t have a problematic shutter as it will lead to serious threats to your precious items. You might want to go through roller shutter repairs in case you are facing any issues. But, first, let’s list out what kind of problems you can encounter with these shutter doors and when you need service.

1 . Shutters not easily opening or closing

It is the most common issue you face with roller shutters. Sometimes, it gets difficult to open or close them, while, sometimes it happens only halfway. Debris in the tracks could be the cause behind it, and you can try cleaning it to solve the issue. If the problem sustains, contact experts to get roller shutter repairs done.

2. Change in the usual sound

If you own an electric roller shutter in your store, you must have noticed a sound that the motor usually produces while opening and closing the shutter. If you closely pay attention and observe any change in that common sound, it’s a sign that the shutter is not right, and you need to consider a repair service.

3. Overheating

It is another thing you encounter when operating these structures. Overheating can happen with both shutters and their motors. In any case, the reason is enough to give them rest for a while to let them operate with ease later. If you notice frequent heating, contact reliable experts in the concerned field.

4. Visible damages

In big industries, dents in roller shutters are very common due to the traffic they face. Even on small premises, you can find the harm being clearly visible. Any such damage to the structure is a direct signal that a roller shutter repair is urgent, otherwise, breaking through won’t be a difficult task.

5. An attempted burglary

Even an unsuccessful attempt on entering through your highly maintained shutters can leave them damaged. After any such incident, quickly check the structure for any visible damage. Sometimes the damage can be invisible as well, so check the operation of the motor as well. For better assistance, you might look for roller shutter repair services and make sure that the shutter is in fully working condition.

You can fix some problems yourself, but you will surely need to consider roller shutter repair services in some scenarios. However, the second one is always better for security assurances and any negligence will result in compromised protection. So, try to check on the shutters and clean them at regular intervals to prevent any upcoming damage.