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5 Myths About Building A Custom Home

by | May 24, 2021 | Construction

For many homeowners, the prospect of building a custom home can seem intimidating. The myths and misconceptions about building a custom home have helped to create this unwarranted feeling, but if it’s something you’re interested in, it’s important to know the facts.

Here are some common myths about building a custom home and why you should ignore them:

1) You need to be a design expert:

Building a custom home doesn’t mean you have to do all of the designing and floor-planning yourself. When it comes to building a custom home, you can have as much or as little design input as you want: the choice is yours. It helps to have a solid idea of the kind of home and features you want, but a quality custom home builder in Annandale will work with you to turn your wants, needs and dreams into reality with professional designers to get it right.

2) You’ll always go over budget:

For many people, the cost of building a custom home is the most misunderstood aspect. But it is possible to build a custom home within your desired budget. A quality custom home builder won’t try to trick you into additional or hidden costs or oversell you on features that you can’t afford. While there is the potential for unforeseen hidden costs in any construction project — a good custom home builder in Annandale will try to anticipate issues and work them into your budget.

3) Custom homes take too long to build:

A lot of factors go into the timeline for building a home, custom or not. While you can’t control potential obstacles like inclement weather, the build time of a custom home is actually very similar to that of other homes. The main reason that a custom home may take longer is the design process and the selection of all of the features. After this stage, the process is typically the same as a production home.

4) Building a custom home is complicated:

While it’s true that building a custom home requires choices and selections, you should view the custom home building process as an enjoyable experience. You get to choose all of the details, right down to the baseboards and hardware, so you know you’ll get your dream home at the end. Your custom home builder will do everything they can to ensure your experience is enjoyable and stress-free.

5) Builders have poor communication:

We can’t speak for all builders, but builders in Annandale, we pride ourselves on our communication and accessibility throughout your home building process. We’ll check in with you throughout the build, whether it’s to update you on the current status or to confirm a selection or feature you’ve made. We’ll also ensure that you have access to us if you have any issues, concerns or questions.