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5 Most Encouraging Team Building Activities for Corporates

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Travel


Team work is one of the core qualities that make any organization successful and separates great companies from the good ones. Therefore, it becomes absolutely important on part of the management to take efforts to promote team spirit among its employees, and what better than outdoor activities. Yes, there are quite a few indoor team building games and activities as well, but the fun factor outdoors is just on another level, which is essential to ensure employees’ participation and engagement.

If you’re looking for exciting and encouraging team-building activities, here are the top five you must definitely consider:


Paintball is a great team sport that requires a lot of planning, plotting, laying down strategies, and concerted execution. Especially, those who love virtual games like PUBG or Counter Strike love Paintball, as it is a sport that takes you closest to being in a real-life battlefield. This not only makes it one of the best corporate team building activities but also one of those adventure sports that are high on adrenaline. If you’re from Mumbai or Pune, Della Adventure Park in Lonavala is the best venue to play Paintball with your team, as it offers excellent equipment and best-in-class safety features. Plus, taking your teams to the mountain valley will lift their spirits on its own.

Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is a unique adaption of the ultra-popular international sport. The only difference between regular football and this game is that the players here are encased in giant torus bubbles, which practically leaves only their lower body free for the play. While Bubble Soccer isn’t as intense as Paintball, it certainly is the most fun activity on this list. Running around while being encased in a huge bubble is extremely hilarious, and sometimes laughter makes people bond together more than anything else. 

Treasure Hunt

If your company has a large group of employees, Treasure Hunt might just be the game for it. Divide the employees into teams and make them compete with each other, which will not only break the ice between them but will also make them put forth a joint effort to complete the tasks. Usually, And Treasure Hunt is filled with physical as well as mental challenges, requiring the teams to perform specific tasks and solve tricky riddles to get clues to complete the game.

River Rafting

Risk is one unique feeling which can make the fiercest of enemies to come together. And the risk is what river rafting is all about. Challenging the electric flow of the river, gushing with roars and thuds, in a raft along with a bunch of other people is something that requires a strong heart. Each participant needs to be aware, active and working in a symphonic manner so that you survive these challenges. Yes, there is a life jacket always to protect you, but the fear of falling in the frightfully gushing waters brings the best out of the person.

Lakeside Camping

Camping is widely regarded as the Holy Grail by adventure enthusiasts around the globe. However, lakeside camping is particular an exciting group sport, where a large group can come together and enjoy amazing camping activities like bonfire, karaoke singing, dumb charades, board games, etc, with additional fun things like boating and swimming. An overnight stay by a river or a lake with a bunch of colleagues to enjoy is a spirit-lifting activity.