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5 Main Applications of Inconel Alloy

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Business, Industrial Equipements, Industrial supplier & distributor

Inconel 625 is a high-performance metal alloy popular for its high strength, temperature stability and good corrosion resistance. This superalloy consists primarily of nickel 58% min. When it comes to scientifically superior and durable products for industrial applications, design engineers and manufacturers transform the Inconel range of alloys to suit their needs.

These superalloys give outstanding high temperature and corrosion resistance based on nickel and chromium, making them especially desirable. Here we look at five industrial applications using alloys.

Aerospace and Jet Engines

The alloys have also made their way into the aircraft industry, especially for exhaust equipment, fuel lines, heat exchanger housings and rocket components. This is because even in severe temperatures under high stress, Inconel 625 Springs performs well. In particular, engine parts are subject to high temperatures and high pressure. Materials need to survive this condition to maintain their strength and integrity. Nickel alloys show low expansion at these high temperatures, give high-stress creep resistance and are resistant to corrosion.

Oil and gas extraction oil and gas extraction

One of the critical industrial uses for Inconel alloys is oil and gas production. There are several considerations for structural engineers in this field to weigh in terms of content selection. Temperatures can be stable, and raw substances manufactured or preserved are reactive and corrosive.

Superalloys, such as Inconel 625 Springs, isolate processed fluids in manufacturing systems to manufacture liquefied natural gas. This material provides exceptional fatigue, thermal fatigue strength, good chemical stability, high tensile strength, and excellent weldability. It is also used to line steel transmission tubes in sour gas and gas extraction machines.

Heat Treat Applications

Inconel is considered resistant to extreme temperatures and maintains adequate tensile strength at high temperatures to sustain mild loads. Inconel 625 has a tensile power of 13.3 KSI at 2,000°F. This makes Inconel the preferred basket substrate for heat treatment applications, preferably instead of stainless steel alloys.

Compared to other stainless steel alloys, a basket made of superalloys such as Inconel would not lose form as efficiently as possible. Simultaneously, the components are stored after a rigorous heat treatment application.

Rapid Temperature Changes incorporate 

Some manufacturing processes can high and low-temperature processes in quick succession. Some Inconel alloys maintain excellent corrosion resistance at high and low temperatures, making a single Inconel basket used in applications where temperatures range between near cryogenic lows and heat treatment highs.

Pollution Control and Waste Processing

Pollution control and waste disposal are demanding areas where products need to work hard. There are naturally dangerous and corrosive chemicals that need to be handled, moved and treated. Therefore, alloys used in solid waste must have outstanding resistance to oxidizing and reducing acid solutions and high thermal stability while working without compromising structural integrity or strength.

Inconel 625 is the perfect material if extreme temperature and chemical resistance are necessary. Any phase in which the high temperature will naturally weaken other metals’ resistance to oxidation.

However, Inconel 625 Springs is not the only solution to various parts handling basket engineering. It is essential to understand every aspect of the production process to get the best basket for a task. It needs relative to the capabilities of a wide variety of metal types.