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5 Jaw Dropping Adventure Activities Near Mumbai

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Travel

Adventure tourism is on the rise globally, and thankfully, India has finally joined the race, though a bit late. Nonetheless, better late than never! India has, in fact, witnessed a steep rise in the demand for adrenaline pumping activities in the last few years, as more and more people are seeking adventure as leisure. Especially, in mega cities like Mumbai and Pune, where a young populace migrates to for a better standard of living, a large number of enthusiasts escape the city at every given opportunity to quench their thirst for adventure. 

If you, too, are looking for some jaw dropping adventure activities around the commercial capital, here are the five you mustn’t miss:

Swoop Swing

Swoop Swing is one of the newest adventure sports to be introduced in India, and hence, remains quite rare in the country. Thankfully, Della Adventure Park in Lonavala, where you will find the best adventure activities near Mumbai at just about a couple of hours’ drive from the city limits, offers India’s only Swoop Swing (@100ft). Getting strapped in the body harness alone or with a couple of friends, getting dropped from as high as 100ft, and then gushing down with tremendous speed before you swing again high in the sky – no other activity will let so many butterflies in your stomach. You will also find several other exciting activities at Della, like Aqua Zorbing, Rifle Shooting, Archery, Flying Fox, etc.

Dirt Bike

Yes, dirt bike is a quite a common activity, but here, I am talking about the real one. Usually, you will find low powered, beginner friendly bikes, that are fun to ride, but nowhere near the professional grade. Again, at Della, you will find thoroughbred quarter litre Yamahas and Hondas to unleash havoc on its slush and mud filled treacherous dirt track, Ringing the throttle of a motocross bike is one of the most thrilling feelings one can ever experience, especially if you are an adrenaline hunter.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping has been the Holy Grail for several adventure enthusiasts across the globe, and its absolutely no surprise that the activity continues to blow away new entrants in the world of adventure sports. Committing a freefall from a cliff, with only a body harness and a rope hooked to your legs, is arguably the most terrifying, yet extremely fulfilling experience an adventure lover can have. You can enjoy Bungee Jumping at Kolad just over a 100km from Mumbai, a beautiful town famous among adventure junkies.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is among the most physically challenging sport, which not only tests your strength, but also your mental toughness. Fighting the mighty Kundalika River in Kolad, carving you wave in the heavy waterflow is one of the most fun and exciting things you can do along with your friends. However, follow the instructions properly, and make sure you have all the protective gear in place before diving into the activity. Nonetheless, this high octane activity is thoroughly rewarding for those who dare.

Lakeside Night Camping

Camping is a much-loved activity around the world, especially among nature lovers who love to explore the wilderness. An overnight lakeside camping in the picturesque town of Mulshi, just a bit over 150kms from the city, is a great way to experience the wildlife from the nearest. While you can simply roam about the Tamhini Wildlife Sanctuary in the region in search of some of the wildest creatures to walk on God’s green earth, enjoy camping activities at night, like bonfire, barbeque, treasure hunt, etc. is a great fun.