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5 Factors That Secure Your Home Sliding Door

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Home Improvement

Glass sliding doors offer an easy entry point for anyone. Glass is easy to shatter. Excess protection is must if you have a sliding door at your home.

  • Safety measures will prevent illegal entry by intruders
  • Secured doors are best to protect your family
  • They are easy to install

Having steel coated frames may not offer high-level security. There are many other options that you need to consider. Here you will find these options, mentioned by experts.

1. Always check your lock system

Any sliding door system has a safety lock on its side. On regular basis, you can get the lock inspected. Security sliding doors Sydney experts should inspect the lock system.

Once you close the door, try and pull it back. You can also install a latch system on sliding doors.  Latch offers high-level protection.

Repairs and replacement tasks are important on a regular basis Change lock if necessary.

2. Slide bars

Expert security sliding doors Sydney team will suggest you install slide bars. This bar is easy to install on the frame of the sliding door. The bar is cast out of solid metal. It provides the best security to the door.

You can place the bar on the door track for extra security. This prevents the door from opening.

3. Quality roller and track

Sliding doors use plastic rollers to slide over the track. They may also have a locking system. Expert security sliding doors Sydney provide you with the best locking system for rollers.

The lock prevents the rollers from rolling on the track. Thus you may not be able to open the door from outside. This is one best security that you can have for your sliding door system.

4. Always use branded locks

When searching the market, you may come across hundreds of brands. You can research well before selecting. Security sliding doors Sydney recommendations are best.

Experts are aware of the quality locking system. Test the locking system before installing. Sliding doors need high-level protection. Only tested locking systems are best to use for your home.

Retractable Screen Doors Sydney

Retractable Screen Doors Sydney

Installing alarm systems will also make them more secure. Modern time alarm systems are easy to install even on sliding doors. Check with security sliding doors Sydney for selecting best door alarm system.

Lose nuts and bolts are a threat when installed on sliding doors. You can try and seal the latch and locking system. Steel mesh is best to seal the glass sliding doors.

5. Advanced remote systems

If you install an alarm system, then you should wire it. The wired system will send alarm notification the moment the sliding door moves. The safety switch is easy to install indoors.

Quality security sliding doors Sydney alarm systems are easy to wire to doors and frames. You can also look around for a system that uses a timer. So if anyone accesses the door after a set time, then the alarm will send warning signs.

Sliding doors are durable, but extra safety will always prove beneficial. Present time doors also use glass breaker sensors. In the case of glass tampering, the alarm will start ringing.