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5 Creative Ways To Use The Facebook Ad Library To Your Advantage

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Digital Marketing

The Facebook Ad Library is still causing havoc in the digital advertising ecosystem.

This tool allows entrepreneurs to “spy” on ad imagery, headlines, copy, formatting, how long it has been live, A/B testing, and more. The best digital marketing agency in Sydney understands the importance of Facebook ads for your business. 

It also gives you access to the landing pages of any ads that are currently running on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Given that Facebook has captured one of the world’s largest advertising audiences for an astonishingly low cost per click of $0.43, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are investing in this digital channel.

  • Expose Yourself to Various Industries

The first thing we’re going to do once we’re on Facebook Advert Library is peeked over the fence to see what our direct competitors are up to. Strike yourself out!

Viewing competitor advertisements is a fantastic profit, and there are so many different industries and types of value that have fantastic concepts. Talk to your digital marketing agency to understand the niches and different industries you can easily enter. 

Why not look for a model that you adore or that could be a complementary business to your own? Examine their competitors’ advertisements to see what they’re doing right, what they’ve in common, what methods they use, and what you’d like to emulate.

  • A/B Testing Can Help You Spot the Difference

One of the nice things about The Facebook Advert Library is that you can easily see various variations of the identical advert that manufacturers are utilising for cut-up testing. 

A/B testing, like many other aspects of digital advertising such as e-mail advertising, landing pages, and so on, is critical for the success of a Facebook marketing campaign.

Facebook makes it extremely simple to create a set of advertising options to A/B test for your next advertisement. If the big brands are doing it, you should too.

  • Also See Longevity and Tendencies

If you spend some time browsing The Facebook Advert Library, you’ll eventually pick up on tendencies in design, structure, presents, and extra. Are other manufacturers utilising video advertisements, carousel advertisements, image advertisements, slideshow advertisements, and so on? This could be useful information on where the target market community is leaning favourably.

You’ll also be able to see which advertisements have been live for a long time – which means they’re working! You can find out by looking at when the advertisement first appeared. This information is freely available on Facebook, so don’t pass it up. It provides an extremely valuable insight into how well the advertisement is performing.

  • With timing cues, you can get the jump on your opponents

While creativity and replication are important components of any Facebook advertisement, timing – or working times – is critical for campaign success. If your advertisement is not timely, your audience will be unprepared. If you wait too long, you may miss out on other options. A professional digital marketing agency in Sydney will help in analyzing the competitors to beat them easily. 

Take timing cues from successful advertisers in your area and apply them to your personal campaigns. This is extremely useful when planning big-budget events in your marketing calendar.

  • The Funnel Mapping

Advertisements aren’t usually built-in in isolation – they’re usually designed with a buyer journey or funnel in mind. The advertisement directs visitors to a destination, typically a landing page that has been expertly crafted to elicit a response from the customer. Not only does the Facebook Advert Library show you which advertisements are working, but you can also follow your competitors’ funnel by clicking through.

Are you directed to a web-based retailer with pricing or a specific supply, or a gated web page that requires an email handle to enter high-value data? Perhaps you’ll come across a custom-designed landing page offering a free trial. Examine the journey as if you were a buyer, and apply this knowledge to your next marketing campaign funnel strategy. Get in touch with an expert digital marketing agency in Sydney to boost your Facebook Ads.