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5 Best Outdoor Feature Wall Tiles Ideas

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Commercial, Flooring, Home Improvement, tiles

For every proud homeowner, a house is not just an ordinary area, but a sense of emotion to make memories with their family. Going forward with this sentiment, they strive hard to form every nook and corner of their house beautiful and an extension of their personality.

When it involves augmenting the planning and magnificence of the patio, choose any one of the ideas that make an excellent inside-outside connection.

It must also transform this lovely spot into a calming retreat and an ideal place to entertain guests. Here, we bring you the most effective outdoor feature tile ideas that make sure the ideal beautification of out of doors spaces.


Nothing beats the rustic appearance of natural stone. These outdoor feature wall tiles effortlessly add color, texture, and heat, and are highly immune to extreme climatic conditions. 

Natural stone tiles are made with innate gems like granite, marble, slate, and travertine that are machine-cut to plain square or rectangular tiles.

Being a natural material, they are available with natural grain patterns, so no two plates look identical. Note that congenital stone is very porous and wishes to be sealed properly.


These feature wall tiles are perfect to be laid on receptive sky balconies. The wood of the tile complements perfectly with the outside and naturally, blends with the encompassing greenery and works perfectly well as outdoor feature wall tiles.

They not only impart warmth and an upscale textured effect but also provides a high-end modern look to the exterior. The most effective part about these plates is that they will be placed directly over concrete or the other flat surface.

However, it’s important to use only seasoned wood for pavers and to treat them for termite resistance and with proper sealants before installation.


Another outdoor wall tile idea for the patio are tiles that impart concrete-like looks. Such tiles are commonly chosen by homeowners due to its unique features like durability, strength, resilience, easy to scrub and maintain, slip-resistant, and talent to resist freezing ground temperature without chips or cracks.

Lots of decorative options are available in these tiles giving ample choices to the landlord.


There is nothing to match with introducing bold patterns into spaces, just like the deck or the courtyard. During this example, the cement-tiled floor becomes a canvas that brings tone, pattern and an exquisite heritage cross-check the terrace. 

These outdoor wall feature tiles are called encaustic cement tiles; they’re handcrafted bricks and are available with intricate patterns that add a part of art to any space. 

It’s essential to seal exterior cement wall shingle, so they resist stains and fading, and to forestall moisture from penetrating the tiles.


Bold and funky is the feature of paving outdoor tiles, attractive in looks, and perfectly infuses the naturalness of the crust. The plates are available in a spread of natural hues of faded shades. 

It’s a subtle earthy-appeal complementing perfectly the verdant exteriors. These bricks are quite tough and intrinsically may be used for an extended time. These tiles are well shielded from moisture absorption, stains, fungal growth, and dampness.

Choose any of these outdoor wall tiles ideas and create a lovely retreat for your family with an impressive and comfortable looking patio.